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Three men who wrote award-winning novels under the pseudonym of a woman

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Augustine Martinez, Horge Diaz and Antonio Merciro have been writing novels under the pseudonym Carmen Mola for the past few years. (Photo: AFP)

Barcelona: An interesting situation arose at a literary event in Spain recently when a female author named Carmen Mola was announced to be given a prize of one million Euros for the thriller novel ‘La Bistia’ (Beast) but she received three prizes. The men came on stage.

According to reports, a woman named Carmen Mola has been declared the winner of the ‘2021 Premio Planeta’ literary prize in Spain this year.

However, when the woman’s name was announced at the ceremony, three middle-aged men named Augustine Martinez, Horge Diaz and Antonio Merciro arrived on stage to write screenplays for TV dramas and movies in Spain.

He revealed that Carmen Mulla did not exist but that all three of them were writing novels under the pseudonym of this woman.

The story of the novel La Bastia revolves around the global cholera epidemic in 1834, which began in India in 1817, continued in stages until 1837, and spread from Europe to the United States.

The same cholera epidemic caused the worst conditions in various European countries and led to civil war.

The three award-winning male authors used to write separately from their real names before adopting the common pseudonym Carmen Mulla, and had worked on the script for the TV series ‘Central Hospital’ as well as ‘Blind Date’.

Martinez, Diaz and Merciro are also friends and decided a few years ago to write under a woman’s common pseudonym, hiding their real identities.

Along with the name, he also gave a unique identity to Carmen Mulla so that people could believe in his existence. Carmen Mola is a 40-year-old female professor who was born in Madrid, Spain, is a mother of three and writes novels in her spare time.

Surprisingly, Carmen Mulla’s interviews were also published, but no one saw his face, but every photo shows him leaning back against the camera.

According to publisher Penguin Random House, Carmen Mulla was a female writer born in Madrid. Mulla was also said to be 40 years old and a mother of three, working as a professor and writing novels in her spare time.

However, after the revelation of Carmen Mulla’s truth, these three writers are facing severe criticism from women.

Canadian author Susan Swann called the move a fraud and said that if the male authors were humane, they should return the prize money or donate it to an organization working for the welfare of women.

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