The mystery of the rocks on the ice lake has been solved

French scientists have solved the mystery of Zen Stone perched on icy towers. Photo: File

Paris: You may have heard of rocks that are particularly balanced on some frozen lakes in the Siberian region, under which the water lifts the rock into a particularly pointed shape.

This condition has been bothering scientists for some time. Seeing them, it was thought that maybe it was the work of an artist. However, this is a 100% natural process that has been tried for some time. They are called ‘Zen Stone’.

Scientists at the French National Center for Scientific Research in France have now unearthed a similar stone in a laboratory. In this process, the rock placed in the lake acts like an umbrella and some of it melts due to the contrast of the sun below. In this way a thin tower or ridge of ice is formed on which a round smooth rock rests in balance.

On the other hand, where there is a rock, the frozen water beneath it freezes in the form of a low pit, and that too was a mystery. This is because when the infrared black body radiation emitted from the hot rock falls on the sides, it melts the ice and forms a pit.

Zen Stones have long been the focus of attention around the world, with round stones standing on thin icy ridges. The rate at which solids form gas varies, and that is why ice is formed in a particular way.

By understanding this process, one can understand many factors going on in the glacial regions. These include glaciers that are littered with garbage and have become a global threat. It should be noted that Zen Stone looks so beautiful that millions of his photos have been shared.

The general impression was that rock and ice were formed by the friction of air, but now French experts have dispelled this impression and explained the details.

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