Polish divers have discovered the eighth wonder of the world

A copy of the Eighth Wonder of the World is in Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg, built over a decade ago. (Photo: News Flash)

Warsaw: Polish divers have discovered the world’s eighth wonder of the seas in World War II, which will be launched today.

According to the British website The Mirror, the ‘Amber Rome’, made of Prussia (formerly a European kingdom) jewelry in the 18th century, was installed in Catherine’s Palace near St. Petersburg, Russia. During World War II, the Nazi army dismembered him and took him to Queensburg, after which he disappeared and has been a mystery ever since.

Last year, a team of amateur amateur divers from Poland suspected the existence of a room adorned with jewels in the wreckage of a ship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The divers found the wreckage of the ship Karlsruhe, which sank in April 1945, 70 km off the Polish coastal city of Istica.

“We believe that the wreckage of this ship, which is considered to be the eighth wonder of the world, is enclosed in large locked boxes in the form of fragments,” said Tomek Stechura, who led the expedition. He saw Joham during the last dive with robots.

Tomek’s statement is further corroborated by historian Piotr McCallick, who stated that ‘the ship that sank in 1945, the Karlsruhe, was loaded with 306 tons of cargo and was protected by two landmines. , Which shows that the ship was loaded with very valuable goods.

An underwater mission is being launched today to remove ‘Amber Rome’ from the wreckage. In this mission, a team of three divers will go to the bottom of the ship 12 times to enter the wreckage, and each team will have 30 minutes to inspect the boxes in the wreckage while staying at the bottom of the sea.

It should be noted that a copy of Amber Rome can be seen in Catherine’s Palace. Completed in a decade, the room was inaugurated in 2003.

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