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A mobile phone hidden in the patient’s abdomen 6 months ago was found

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A small mobile phone wrapped in a plastic bag was found in the patient’s abdomen. (Photo: Social Media)

Cairo: Doctors in Egypt have found a small mobile phone hidden in the abdomen of a chronic constipation patient six months ago, wrapped in a plastic bag.

According to reports, a patient named Muhammad Ismail Muhammad was brought to Aswan University Hospital in Egypt, who was suffering from severe abdominal pain.

When doctors found no apparent cause of the constipation, they performed a CT scan of Ismail’s abdomen.

The scan only showed that there was something stuck in Ismail’s stomach that had nothing to do with food.

It was immediately decided to remove the object from the operation and when after a long operation the “object” was found by slitting his stomach, it was found that it was a small mobile phone which was wrapped in a plastic bag and swallowed. had gone.

Asked by doctors, Ismail said he had swallowed the mobile phone six months ago to avoid a security check.

Ismail said that he had swallowed his mobile phone in the same way many times before but he used to go out with defecation in one to two days.

However, for the first time, the mobile phone remained in his stomach. For several months, the mobile phone remained in his stomach without any problem and there was no problem.

But a few days ago, she suffered from severe constipation and her stomach started to ache.

Upon hearing this, the doctors called the police so that after examining the phone, the statement could be confirmed or denied.

Police also confirmed that it was indeed a small, harmless phone that had nothing to fear.

After the operation, Ismail has recovered and his constipation has ended. However, the incident has also gone viral on social media, with readers and viewers bursting into laughter.

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