Spending Rs 70,000 to save the life of a pet goldfish

An hour-long operation was carried out in the UK to rescue a pet goldfish at a cost of Rs 70,000. Photo: Daily Mirror

London: It cost 300 British pounds to save the life of a beautiful goldfish called Bluebell, which is about 70,000 Pakistani rupees.

The 17-year-old goldfish had a lump of flesh in its mouth and was deteriorating. A man from the British city of Lincoln had cared for her for many years. When the goldfish slowed down, he took it to Hannah Jessup, the best fish surgeon. Hannah performed the operation with her team, which was an extraordinarily difficult task that cost a considerable amount of money. The lump in his mouth had grown to such an extent that the fish was unable to eat on its own and its owner was feeding it with his own hands.

Dr. Hannah had been studying goldfish for some time and was aware of the lumps forming in her throat, but now the water had risen above her head. It was also the second most complicated operation of his life in which the fish was sewn and picked up after the operation which took an hour. It took a total of 20 minutes to remove the lump from the operation.

The fish was given a special way to anesthetize the sleeping pill and this was the most difficult stage. First it was immersed in a special anesthetic solution where the fish was drowsy and during the operation it was kept wet by constantly pouring water on it. Meanwhile, Hannah underwent a complex operation to remove the lump. After that he applied medicine on the wound and also gave painkillers.

Goldfish are now completely healthy and living happily ever after.

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