‘Miracle House’ in the midst of volcanic lava

Hot volcanic lava surrounds the entire island, but the house is miraculously safe. (Photo: El Mundo / Spanish website)

Madrid: There is talk on social media these days of a ‘miraculous house’ surrounded by hot volcanic lava, but it is still intact.

The wooden house is located on the Spanish island of La Pama, where the Cumberland Vihea volcano has erupted in recent days and hot lava has engulfed the entire island.

It should be noted that in the North Atlantic, some distance from the African coast, there is a series of islands called ‘Canary Islands’ which is ruled by Spain. La Pama is one of these islands.

The devastation caused by the lava from the volcanic Cumberland was so severe and devastating that more than 6,000 people living there had to evacuate the island.

Later, when rescue teams surveyed the area by helicopter, it was discovered that the only house in the entire island of La Pama was in perfect condition, while the entire surrounding island was covered with an inked layer of lava.

The house is reportedly owned by a retired Danish couple who come here several times a year to enjoy the natural environment.

However, the couple has not been here since the Corona epidemic broke out last year, and the house has been vacant ever since.

The Spanish media has also called the complete preservation of the house despite the complete destruction of the entire island an extraordinary event.

That’s why social media users have dubbed it the ‘miracle house’.

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