Semi-transparent Brazilian worm with clear internal system

The internal system and organs of the Brazilian scapular butterfly can be seen from the outside. Photo: File

Austin, Texas: The world of insects is full of wonders, including a worm that is so transparent that the digestive and other systems inside it are visible from the outside.

This is the Brazilian skipper butterfly moth that amazes everyone for the first time and recognizes nature’s ingenuity. Although the scorpion butterfly is larger than ordinary butterflies, the real unique thing is its caterpillar (Cindy). Its outer skin is semi-transparent, through which the internal organs and systems can be seen.

For example, a deep black line runs from its head to the bottom, which can be called the heart of an insect. Other components are also very obvious.

These butterflies are common in Florida, Texas, the West Indies, Central America, Argentina and South America. Its caterpillar eats the leaves of a canna lily tree. Initially it is greenish brown but after eating more leaves its color becomes darker. It goes out at night for belly worship.

In this video, the internal system of the insect is beautifully photographed in which the internal veins are constantly moving.

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