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Poor fishermen in India became millionaires overnight

Due to its medicinal properties, ‘Sawa’ fish is sold at very high prices. (Photo: File)


Rare species of fish in made millionaires , earning more than one and a half crore rupees in one night.

According to the Times of India, the fortunes of Nakhada Chandra Kant and his companions, who went hunting on the first day of the lifting of the ban on fishing in Mumbai, were bright. When the cast their nets into the deep sea, he had no idea that this hunt would change his fate. When he pulled the net, his eyes were wide open in surprise because his net was full of precious ‘Sawa’ fish.

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Before reaching the shore, Chandra Kant sent a video of 157 fish caught to his friends, which went viral. When he reached the shore, buyers lined up to buy the fish.

The fishermen earned Rs 13.3 million by selling fish at Rs 85,000 per fish.

It should be noted that the reason why ‘Sawa’ fish is expensive is because the adult Sawa membrane makes surgical threads (stitches) and these threads are used in the internal surgery of the body. The fibers formed from the inner membrane of Sawa fish They are biodegradable and go into the body and dissolve after a while.

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