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What did Admiral (retd) William McRaven of the US Navy learn from his professional life? ۔ Photo: File

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Usually most people get up in the morning and check their mobile phone first. Some wake up and drink a cup of tea in the name of bed tea and then do the rest.

Some people go to the bathroom to wash their hands or take a shower and some people stay up in bed in the morning, they wake up but they do not have the courage to get up and spend a lot of time lying on the bed and then get up. Are But there are people in the world who get up in the morning and fix their bed first, fix their pillows, put their mobiles, books and other things in their places and then move on to other tasks.

You may be thinking that this is a common thing but in fact it is not a common thing but there is a whole philosophy behind it.

There was a graduation ceremony for graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin (USA) in 2014. One person addressed the ceremony but the speech was so brilliant that it has been seen and heard by over 15 million people on social media so far. Are It was Admiral (retd) William McRae, a former sailor in the US Navy, who lived a very hard life. William gave some great tips about his professional life in this speech that the whole hall resounded with applause. Anyone who listened to his speech must have made some changes in his life.

In 2017, William MacRae wrote a wonderful book, “Make Your Bed,” based on these experiences from his professional life. In this book, William Macriven outlines some of the principles by which a person can make full progress in life and solve his problems.

When William McRae was a Navy trainee, the first thing he did when he got up in the morning was to shake his bed sheet, fix the mattress, spread the sheet over it, and remove the wrinkles from the pillow. He did this in such a perfect way that not even the slightest wrinkle could be seen on the sheet.

The main reason for this was that his instructor would check his bed every day and every day if there was even a slight wrinkle on his bed, then William would be embarrassed. As punishment, he would be sent to the beach and ordered to first soak himself in the water and then lie down on the beach sand and fill his whole body with sand. It was a painful punishment, from which William Rose tried his best to fix his bed completely, and then gradually it became a habit of William’s, and because of this one habit he got great promotions.

In fact, when a person first wakes up in the morning and fixes his bed, he realizes that he has started the day by completing a task in the best possible way. His morale increases and he does all the work he has to do throughout the day, no matter how difficult it may be, and he does it well thanks to the encouragement he gets from fixing the bed in the morning.

Doing this on a daily basis creates a person’s inner discipline and then he tries to do everything in a perfect way. This is the first lesson of this book to get up in bed every day so that you have discipline and a sense of responsibility, you do everything in life in the best way and so you will progress.

Once during training, William completed his day’s task, but his instructor, as punishment, ordered him to go to the beach and get sand on his body. William got up, quietly obeyed, and returned to his instructor. The instructor asked: “William! You didn’t ask me why you got this punishment? ”I actually wanted to teach you a lesson. At that time you were not at fault, you did not deserve to be punished but still you were punished.

In fact, I wanted to teach you that life is not always good, sometimes we may face punishments and difficulties in which we are not to blame, but at that time there is no need to complain or complain. All you have to do is punish quietly and then move on, forgetting the moment. This is the second lesson of this book that life is not always good but sometimes it becomes bitter and man is so beaten that his fourteen layers become bright but at that time there is no confusion, no complaining, his destination. But you have to keep an eye on it and keep going.

There is a stage in the training of the American Navy in which the sailor has to spend a week in Hell Week. During this one week period, they have to go through the worst situations. They are also tortured. Their eating and sleeping also become disordered. Meanwhile, one day they get an order to go to a certain area. There is wet soil everywhere in this area. No one can stand on it, but it sinks to its knees in this wet mud. Sailors are told that you have to play here all day. When they get tired of playing sports all day, the sun is setting and the weather is getting colder.

All the sellers are so tired, hungry, thirsty and cold that an instructor tries to break them down mentally. He comes in front of them and says: “You can get rid of this problem right now. ۔ You will be thrown around the fire and you will get hot soup to eat, just one condition. Five of you have to give up and declare that we have lost. ”When with William’s group. When this happened, one of the sailors got up and said: Well, I give up.

He thought that after seeing me more people would come and we would be saved from this ordeal. On the one hand, a sailor started singing a song whose lyrics were very emotional. After hearing this song, everyone else started singing it loudly and their hope and enthusiasm was rejuvenated and they were showing by their actions that we did not give up no matter what.

The sailor who had given up also joined them and everyone started singing. His face was moaning with emotion and he was so engrossed in the process with full enthusiasm that even though the instructor was running, he did not remain silent and kept on singing. Due to this song, the tiredness, sadness and frustration on everyone’s face disappeared and they were refreshed. This is the third lesson of this book that in difficult times when all the people are discouraged and they have given up, then the courage and hope of one person can light the lamp of hope in everyone else.

The day William McRae began training in the Navy, he had 150 badge fellows. His instructor broke his hopes by saying: I will say that you will remember this stage for the rest of your life. So in the meantime, if any of you want to escape from this difficult stage, he can ring the front bell three times. He will get freedom.

He will leave here and live a quiet life at home, but … remember that if you give up and break your spirits, it will become a regret that will not leave you for the rest of your life. At the end of the training, only 33 out of 150 children remained. This is the fourth lesson of this book that no matter what happens in life, never give up, keep your spirit fresh, then you will find the courage to endure all these situations.

William McRae did not give up either, after a rigorous training he became a capable seller and then a brilliant career awaited him. He rose to the rank of Admiral. That is why today he has become an example to the world and people are making use of his experiences to improve their lives.

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