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Look at the world seven or eight decades ago, when science and technology did not make much progress, machines were not available for every task.

Humans did most of the work by hand, in rural areas the difficult and time consuming tasks of farming were also done by human labor, men would get up in the dark and go to the fields for plowing and watering and women would use it all day long. The grinding grain would start to grind.

To make clothes and bedding, cotton was dried in the house up to the thread, spun on a spinning wheel, and thin sheets were provided to the weaver to make clothes for the household.

Both men and women did not have time for an hour all day, yet they were accustomed to prayers and recitation of the Qur’an was an essential part of their morning. Interestingly, despite such busyness and physical exertion, these people never complained of lack of time and never left any work unfinished on the pretext of not having time.

Looking back three or four decades, machinery for various tasks began to be introduced and men and women began to be freed from the burdens of intense physical labor. People used these facilities positively and took a step towards a new era of enjoying life. Despite all this, men and women continue to use their time purposefully and never make excuses for not having time to perform any responsibilities.

With the beginning of the 21st century, the world has changed in the blink of an eye. The proliferation of inventions such as smartphones, computers, and the Internet has made man a new world. The whole world was connected through a hand-held few-inch screen. All kinds of machines became available for all kinds of domestic, industrial, office work and the work that was done in hours started to be done in minutes.

Surprisingly, the use of human energy and time machinery did not save as much as it should have. Where at that time, even after intense physical and mental toil, people lived happily, contentedly, cheerfully and happily. They did not lag behind in any matter by crying for scarcity.

Today, when machines have greatly reduced physical exertion, facilities such as computers, laptops have also shared the burden of mental exertion, the strange thing is that man has become a victim of lack of time. Children, the elderly, housewives and the working class – everyone’s day has become twelve hours instead of twenty-four. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.

Through various screens, man is in touch with the whole world but is cut off from the people around him. He wastes time aimlessly and then comforts himself under the pretext of lack of time. Time is wasted by the facilities that were created to save his precious time.

There is no greater blessing than time. This is a blessing whose clocks are moving forward and it is not in their power to go back. Gone, gone, gone, no matter how hard you try, it won’t come back to you. Someone has rightly said that “in the past man used to spend time and today time is passing us.”

The reason is our unnatural lifestyle. As we move away from nature, time is running out. If we set some rules for ourselves, complaints like lack of time and wastage of time can be overcome.

1. Divide working hours

The more organized your life is, the less time you will waste. Schedule and strictly adhere to sleeping, eating, working, resting, studying, using the screen, and spending time with family. When you set your limits, things automatically come under your control.

Where you make concessions to yourself, the self tends to make more concessions and you weaken your grip on things and matters. Make a commitment not to waste time and to spend every moment according to your schedule.

2. Work positive and constructive

Life is the greatest blessing bestowed by Allah Almighty and the first requirement of this blessing is to spend it in purposeful and constructive works. Life goes on for all kinds of people because it is their job to go through, but those who used their time and energy for the benefit of people and society became immortal in human history. Try to spend time in at least one positive activity every day, which will improve your world and the hereafter.

3. Have a sense of responsibility

Remember that every single moment of your time is precious, it is an asset that after losing a person only gets a hand but it does not come back, so it is better to have it later than to have regrets and regrets. Realize the importance of treasure and make the most of it. This is the most precious thing in the hands of man, so realize its importance, keep trying to improve yourself every moment, keep learning and teaching.

Use every moment of life with full responsibility and a sense of the value of the blessing and you will see how full and meaningful this short life will be. The meaning of the hadith is that a person’s understanding and wisdom requires him to spend the times and periods of his life with great care and attention, to consider life as a spoil before death, and to keep in mind that Everything, every action, every word and deed will be questioned, so he should never waste time.

4. Don’t underestimate

Appreciation of time is very important and appreciation is that you use time wisely, do not waste it in vain and waste, the regret that comes later after wasting time is irreparable. You have no choice but to regret it. The moment, the watch that got out of hand, can’t come in handy again.

Life consists of a few limited hours, so take good care of time and don’t waste your precious time on gossip, myths and nonsense. Remember that every second, every hour and every minute of your time is so precious that the whole world cannot pay for it. He who has learned to value time seems to have perfected himself.

5. Give up laziness and pointlessness

Those who do not allow laziness to come close, do not spend precious time of life aimlessly, success is their step. The man who made his time purposeful, took all the elements of nature in his hands, whether he wanted to conquer the heavens, whether he wanted to make the mountains blossom and whether he wanted to take the leadership of the time. On the contrary, those who sacrifice this precious treasure for their cheapness, laziness and pointlessness, time does not have mercy on them and wastes them in the same way. Time is like a strong wind, which is blowing non-stop, you have to adjust your speed to it, otherwise it will trample you and move on.

There is a famous Arabic saying, “Time is like a sword. If you do not cut it, it will cut you.” We are living a purposeless life which is causing our inner restlessness and restlessness. By doing so, we are not only wasting our precious time but also closing the doors of our destiny to ourselves through our laziness.

6. Trying and praying for blessings in time

Day and night are still the same 24 hours a day. These were the times in the time of our elders, but they never complained of lack of time, because they spent every moment using time positively, fully and constructively, never letting it go to waste. When you do not waste the blessings bestowed by Allah, but make the best use of them, Allah blesses your efforts, and those whom Allah blesses in their time, their time is spent in beneficial deeds. Is used.

If we want to contribute to this fast paced life by doing something constructive, we need to organize ourselves. Only a natural and organized lifestyle can help save time. If you succeed in trying to adopt a natural way of life, then pray to God Almighty to bless your time so that you can exercise your right to life and enjoy it.

Today, time has become the cheapest and most precious thing in our society. In hotels, private parties, people spend hours aiming at the screen in vain and when they raise their heads, how much time is wasted in criticism, backbiting and extravagant sleep.

Guess on the Day of Judgment man’s greatest wish will be to somehow get a moment of his past life so that he can compensate for his shortcomings and pass this test, but today in the present moment we have these moments Can’t recognize value. May Allah Almighty help us to understand the value of time and its importance in short life, Amen.

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