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The small sculptures in the garden turned out to be ancient Egyptian artifacts

The two statues in the British house actually belong to pharaohs and have sold for more than Rs 50 million. Photo: Metro

London: Two long-standing in the of a British home have out to be 5,000-year-old Egyptian worth 241,000 British pounds. It costs Rs 56 million in Pakistani rupees.

These statues are carved like Egyptian statues of Sphinx. The statue of the Sphinx is currently in Cairo’s famous Pyramid Square, with a human face and a torso of an animal (probably a lion). Homeowners believe it is a replica of a Sphinx statue that was probably carved in the 18th or 19th century, but is now known to have been made in Egypt 5,000 years ago.

One of the statues is 110 cm long and was put up for sale at the famous Mander Auction House in London. The bid, which started at سو 200, ended in 15 minutes when it reached لاکھ 240,000.

According to the auction house, the statues are in a very bad condition and an owner had put cement on them to remove the damage, which made the statue more ugly and its value has decreased. However, efforts are now being made to improve it further.

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