Sonya Hussyn gives reason for rejecting ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’

 Renowned spoke about the rejection of the super hit drama “Mere Pass Tum ho” in a recent interview and about the unpleasant events that took place at the showbiz.

Actress is one of the talented actresses of the Pakistan showbiz industry. Who has also shown acting in films along with dramas. These days her drama “” is broadcasting which is getting a lot of interest among the fans.

Sonya Hussyn recently participated in the show of actress Iffat Omar where she talked about her career. Sonia Hussein said that at the beginning of her career when she was trying to make a name for herself. Actor Behroz Sabzwari’s attitude was not good to her and he badly shouted on her on the set, on which she was crying. She even intended to give up acting.

Sonia Hussyn described her career’s unfortunate event, saying that when she was new in the industry. A famous brand cast her as a model. Later that night, the owner of the agency messaged her at 1 Am that he has something to say about the shoot. So let’s go for a drive for a meeting.

To which Sonia asked how the meeting could happen during the drive. In response to which the person messaged that you do not become such that you belong to the industry.

Actress Sonia Hussyn said that she was offered for the role of in the drama serial “Mere Pass Tum Ho”. But she had some reservations about the role, so she refused. Citing the role of Aiza, Sonia said that the role of women has portrayed in a negative way. Our society already portrays women in the wrong way and I cannot see women bad. That is why she refuses to perform the role of Mehwish.

Sonia Hussyn said that seeing the popularity of the play, she never regretted that she had rejected the play. Because she had taken a very thoughtful decision. However, Sonia praised and said that Aiza has played this role very well.

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