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Sales of the world’s first genetically modified tomato begin

For the first time in Japan, regular of genetically modified tomatoes have begun. Photo: File

Tokyo: Japan has developed the world’s first that has been further improved by making fundamental changes to its genome. This has been dubbed ‘Sicilian Ruff High Gibba’.

It should be noted that the amount of gamma amino batric acid (GB) in tomato is five times more than normal tomato. In addition, other types of amino acids have been increased, especially those that lower blood pressure. Its seeds have been created by a startup called Sana Tech, which has been formed at the University of Scuba. It is currently on sale online.

Her research has included genetic editing of tomatoes and no new genes have been added, but genetic modification has prevented the factors that hinder the growth of GBA. After going through several stages, the growth of giba in tomatoes began to increase rapidly.

Scuba experts say they have used Crisper CAS Nine’s popular genetic editing . However, after going through several stages, it has been allowed to be manufactured and sold on a commercial scale. Since then, farmers have started regular cultivation.

Shampai Take Sheeta, head of Sana Tech Startup, said the first users did not fully understand the , but the farming process and other volunteers described it as satisfactory. Now the Japanese Department of Health has approved its regular sale.

Since no external genes have been added to it, that is, it is not a transgenic vegetable, but it has been genetically modified to increase the production of GBA. But its price is very high and the price of a kilogram of tomato is 68 dollars or 11,000 rupees.

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