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Introduce a law to give 2 days leave to an employee on the death of a pet

Bogota: In the South American country of Colombia, a law was introduced in the legislature to a two-day paid to a pet owner in mourning for the death of a pet.

According to foreign media, the purpose of this new law is to acknowledge the emotional connection between pets and owners, because the death of a pet causes deep sorrow and grief, so he should get a holiday to mourn his beloved.

The law, introduced by Colombian Liberal Party politician Alejandro Carlos in the Assembly, aims to force employers and companies to their employees two off.

Alejandro Carlos says that some people do not have children but their pets are everything they love and cherish like their family. Therefore, when their beloved animal dies, they should be given so that they can calmly mourn their beloved and perform his last rites. He said the bill was workable and relevant to the society as according to statistics, 6 out of 10 households in the country have pets.

The bill also includes a provision that employees must inform employers in advance about their pets when hiring and may be punished for lying about the death of their pet while on leave.

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