Buy a torn sweater for “only two and a half lakh rupees”

The sweater looks like it is very old and the rats have cut it from place to place and torn its wool in half. (Photos: Social Media)

Milan: A company that makes expensive clothes in Italy has recently introduced torn sweaters that start at 14 1,450 (approximately PKR 250,000).

These sweaters, made by a company called Balenciaga, look as if they are very old, have been cut from place to place by rats and have been torn in half.

Despite looking so ugly and ugly, the company claims that these sweaters are very comfortable and are made of “pure wool” which was first taken off the sheep.

Named the Destroyed Cronic, these sweaters are expensive, but Italian fashion design companies have had similar “rare” experiments in the past.

Last year too, the famous Italian brand “Gucci” had introduced “sad jeans” which cost more than one and a half lakh rupees.

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Social media users have also been very critical of these torn expensive sweaters.

One user jokingly wrote: “You can’t fool me. These sweaters are 500 years old (archeology) that have been excavated! ”

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