Fragrant, fragrant tar prepared

Road construction workers also enjoyed working in an environment that smelled like flowers. (Photo: Internet)

Warsaw: Two Polish companies have teamed up to produce tar (asphalt) that smells good and gives road builders a pleasant feeling.

One of them is the construction company “Bodymax” and the other is the oil refinery “Lotus”.

According to reports, these companies say that although the tar used in the construction of roads does not contain any specific harmful ingredients, the stench emanating from the hot tar is constantly causing an unpleasant feeling to the workers and other workers working there.

The new tar has been blended with natural and synthetic aromatic oils that on the one hand eliminate the odor of tar and make it fragrant and on the other hand do not affect the strength and durability of the tar.

Fragrant tar (asphalt) performed very well during the initial tests. Road construction workers said they enjoyed working in an environment that smelled like flowers.

Bodymax says that these fragrances will soon be available for sale in large quantities.

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