Breaking the stigma: Entrepreneur shares experience of recoveryEntrepreneurEntrepreneurEntrepreneurEntrepreneurshares her story of recovery

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Sharon Fekete is 49-years-old. She got sober at 21.

She recently began sharing her story about recovery. The entrepreneur says she was taught not to disclose issues early on, especially as a boss.

Fekete said, “For me to ever share that I was a recovering drug addict, an alcoholic and that at one time I was suicidal would just be not what’s par for the course when you’re the boss.”

After decades of following her intuition, Sharon decided to share.

“I was listening to a whisper riding my bike every day, like you have to tell your story because there were too many people that were in my life, in business, that were losing a loved one to suicide and addiction and overdose,” said Fekete.

She was struggling with anxiety, but she loved her work. So in 2019 she wrote a book about mental health and how to overcome difficult days.

She has chosen to open up about her recovery and she has dedicated a chapter in her personal memoir to the counselor who had such a positive impact on her life.

Sharon was reading an enthralling book when she got emotional, “I had been to two rehabs, a halfway house, detox and the mental institution and struggled horribly with depression. But he understood what it was like to struggle.”

She is sharing her story of recovery on social media, but she is also writing about it.

Sharon is one of three speakers to share during the Working Women of Tampa Bay Power Lunch, where it was sold out to a crowd. The organization gathers to support and motivate each other and talks about tough topics. Sharon wants to raise awareness and break the stigma by continuing to share her story.\

She said, “If I continue to share my story and show somebody else hope that you can actually make it.”

Sharon continues to speak and be involved in supportive groups. She also finds satisfaction in running her two businesses: one as a consultant for physicians, the other as a boutique social media practice.

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