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What is the net worth of Clive Palmer?

Net Worth$2.2 Billion
Country of OriginAustralia
Source of WealthPolitician
Last Updated2021


The renowned Australian businessman, Clive Palmer, owns a vast number of businesses, including Merology, Waratah Coal, Queensland Nickel at Townsville. He also owns the Palmer Coolum Resort which is situated on the picturesque Sunshine Coast. He also has great interest in sports and pursuing his interest he has also established the Palmer Sea Reef Golf Course that is located in the Port Douglas, the Palmer Colonial Golf Course, situated at the Robna as well as the Robina’s Palmer Coast Golf course, that is also located near Robina.

He has had also remained the owner of Gold Coast United FC from 2008 till 2012. Moreover, in the year 2012 the wealth of Clive Palmer remained around $2.2 billion.

Early Life

Born on May 26th 1954, Clive Feedback grew up in the suburb that was close to Williamtown. In his later years of life he moved with his family to Queensland, where he joined Aquinas College and Southport State High School to pursue his higher education. He was also the student at Toowoomba Grammar School.

He was the son of a traveling agent and the family traveled around the globe regularly.

The father of the son was owner of both the Akron Tyre Co and the Akron Broadcasting Co and, therefore, was the creator of the Melbourne station for broadcasting 3AK.


Palmer left The University of Queensland before he finished his journalism and law studies. Palmer was born in Melbourne, Australia.

His involvement has included numerous different industries of business.

Palmer is the proprietor of Mineralogy that works with iron ore reserves. He later purchased Waratah Coal, Queensland Nickel as well as Cobalt Refinery and Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery.

It was in 2008 that Palmer began to play soccer by purchasing Gold Coast United in an attempt to increase his popularity in China.

It is a businessperson who financed the creation of “Titanic II, that is an exact replica of the ship that sailed in the direction of Southhampton in Southhampton to New York in 2016.

Palmer has also been the creator for Palmer Coolum Resort: Dinosaur Park The park is a theme park that features animatronic dinosaurs that are inspired by the movie the movie ‘Jurassic World.’

2013 was the year that Palmersaurus was launched in Australia.

In the same year, he founded his own political group, Palmer United Party, to challenge the federal election. He ultimately won his Queensland position within the House of Representatives.

First wife Susan passed away from cancer following just 22 years of marriage.

By 2021 Clive Palmer’s wealth was estimated at around $2.2 billion.

How Does Clive Palmer Spend His Money?

Palmer is a fervent car collector, and has one of the largest and most expensive collection of cars.

Clive Palmer spends his money on luxurious mansions and luxury automobiles.

Clive Palmer’s Home

Palmer purchased a home in Australia for $12 million . It had five bedrooms and a gym, as well as a lift, a wine cellar and a lap pool located at 9. Hedges Avenue.

Additionally, he owns a house in Brisbane that he bought at $7.5 million.        

Clive Palmer’s Cars              

Palmer has more than 150 cars and more than 20 million dollars. He has 11 Rolls-Royces, uncommon Bugatti’s Ferraris including an ‘Newcastle Rambler’ from 1965.’

Career Highlights

Below are the few most unforgettable moments from the career of Clive Palmer:

  • Owner of Gold Coast United FC (2008 – 2012)
  • Establishment of Palmer United Party (2013)
  • Establishment of United Australia Party (2018)

Most cherished quotes from Clive Palmer

“Frank Lowy is a household name in Australian sports, but on this, he may be attending a different kind of institution. The game has been brought to the brink of disrepute. The game shouldn’t be controlled by dictators like Clive Palmer.” Clive Palmer Clive Palmer

“The Greens have not been giving you the complete details about where their money is coming from or the purpose for which it’s being used. I believe the Greens in the upcoming state election should step down when they’re funded through an off-shore political entity. It’s treason in the extreme and something must be taken care of.” Clive Palmer Clive Palmer

“People regardless of their political beliefs, are of importance to the state of California, this nation and throughout the world. And, as you can imagine that when people the basic rights of people and their livelihoods I’m worried about it. And , as a resident of Queensland and no other state I have the right to voice my opinion.” Clive Palmer Clive Palmer

“I’ve amassed enough money over the course of my lifetime to retire without doing anything. However, I’m bound and obligation to determine if there’s a way to create additional jobs in Queensland as well as the government’s the responsibility to approve projects and assess their benefits to Queenslanders. Queensland.” Clive Palmer Clive Palmer

“I’ve never required an individual lobbyist to present my point. I’d rather make my own case. However, I’m not sure what other people think about things. Most people working in the business world haven’t been involved in the politics. They’re afraid of ministers and the entire process. This isn’t something to be afraid of.” Clive Palmer. Clive Palmer.

Three Life-Lessons Learned from Clive Palmer

After you have learned all details about the net worth of Clive Palmer as well as the way he made it happen; let’s take a look at the things we could take from his experience:

1: Persistence

The persistence of one person is another’s lack of pig-headedness.

2. Do Your Best

Make sure you are doing your best and establish the foundations The rest will be in place.

3. Ideas

Don’t criticize those who attack the idea.


Clive Palmer is an Australian businessman, entrepreneur, and politician.

Palmer is the owner of Mineralogy Ltd, which is an ore mining business that is based throughout Western Australia.

Palmer is the owner of his own Australian club of football, Gold Coast United FC. He was a student at the campus that was Deakins University from 2002-2006.

By 2021 Clive Palmer’s wealth was estimated to be around $2.2 billion.

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