Annual pillow fight championship in Japan

Regular rules and regulations for fighting pillows have also been made in this championship. (Photos: Miscellaneous websites)

Tokyo: The Japanese town of Ito hosts an annual pillow fight championship, with dozens of teams from across the country taking part.

Fighting with each other on pillows is one of the popular hobbies of childhood. There is hardly a country in the world where this innocent game is not played.

The Japanese have taken the game to a new level of popularity that other people might have thought of.

The Japanese town of Ito has been hosting an annual pillow fight championship since 2013, in which everyone from young children to the elderly participate in regular teams.

The championship also has regular pillow-fighting rules, which are also the subject of several YouTube videos.

For example, each team will have five players, hard pillows cannot be used, a soft blanket of special body and thickness can only be used to prevent the opposing team’s pillow attack, and that from the start of the game First all the players have to lie down in a corner covered with a blanket while they can only get up when the referee blows the whistle and so on.

Like kabaddi and wrestling, this championship also has a special place where you can fight with pillows while staying inside.

Each team tries to push the opposing team out and win. However, no one can be touched or pushed during the game. The whole game can only be played with pillows and comforters.

According to Japanese media, when the championship was first held, there were only two teams, but in the second year, six teams from different parts of Japan participated, which was a testament to its extraordinary popularity.

Since then, the number of teams in the annual pillow-fighting championship has increased every year, and today one or another team from almost every city in Japan arrives at Ito to take part.

The winner of the championship receives a cash prize of only one million yen (approximately one and a half million Pakistani rupees), which is a very small amount compared to a competition held at the national level. Have to do

During its eight-year journey, the championship has been very well organized, with local winning teams having the opportunity to participate in the national championship by reaching Eto’o.

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