A strange creature that looks like a space creature

Our world is full of strange creatures, including a strange insect from the rainforests of Brazil. Due to its appearance, it does not look like a creature of this world, while some people have called it a character in a science fiction film.

The biological name of this insect is ‘Bosidium globulare’ which is called the tree hopper of Brazil. This insect is about the size of a pea. This worm is isolated. First of all, it has five ball-like protrusions that look like an antenna. It has fine hair that may act as a sensor. However, scientists are still unaware of its true role. Other species of the same insect have a twelve-horned structure that makes it even more terrifying.

Some scientists believe that the fake head of an insect full of round structures is like a horn with which it attacks others, but no video evidence has been found. According to other entomologists, these strange heads resemble a kind of fungus that helps ants control their brains and turn them into zombies. Eventually, the fungus tears the ants from the inside out.

The Tree Hopper actually belongs to the Sicida family of insects and has 3,000 subspecies that spread from Antarctica to around the world. However, the Brazilian worm is slightly different.

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