A small painting plate auctioned for Rs. 29 crore

The picture on the plate shows the story “Samson and Delilah” in which Delilah is cutting Samson’s hair. (Photo: Leon & Turnbull)

Scotland: There is nothing special about this plate made of clay but a beautiful painting, but still it was auctioned yesterday for 17 1.7 million (PKR 290 million).

According to the details, Scotland’s oldest auction house, Leon & Turnbull, received several items from an old country house, Lovewood House, for inspection last year.

They also included a small clay plate with a beautiful painting on it, apparently the work of an expert artist. The plate was placed in a drawer of a house that had probably been closed for the last two hundred years.

When the European ceramics expert examined the plate in detail at the auction house, he found that it was not an ordinary plate but a masterpiece by the famous Italian painter Nicola da Erbino, who depicted Bible stories on clay plates.

These plates, called “myolica,” were of a special kind, and when they were made of clay, they were fortified and polished.

The uniqueness of Erbino, who belonged to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, was that he made the Maulika his canvas to illustrate Bible stories. However, most of his work has been lost today.

This plate proved to be one of Erbino’s masterpieces, which he made sometime between 1520 and 1523.

The picture on the plate depicts a biblical story, “Samson and Delilah,” in which Delilah is seen cutting Samson’s hair.

No one knows how the plate got into the drawers of an old house in Scotland, but such a rare piece of art was thought to fetch between لاکھ 100,000 and لاکھ 150,000.

However, when the online auction began on Wednesday, an unidentified antiquities enthusiast bought the painting for لاکھ 1.721 million (PKR 294 million).

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