Shahroz Sabzwari denied reports of divorcing wife Syra Shahroz

 Renowned actor has denied reports of divorcing wife Syrah Shahroz. 

In a video message, denied Syra’s separation and said, “We are honoring our credentials without affirming. And the girl is being dragged into a matter which cannot be mistaken. To associate someone with myself and I quietly watch. And listen to everyone, as Muslims, it is my duty to protect the dignity of others.

Shahroz Sabzwari said that whatever issues are between Syra and me is our personal issue. Syra is still my wife because we have not been divorced. And, on the other hand, Some are also saying that the reason for the end of the relationship is Sadaf. Which neither belongs to my family nor to the family of Syrah.

Shahroz said it was regrettable that the honor of one’s sister’s daughter is diminishing. And that the people themselves were the plaintiffs without asking me or Sira.

In a video message detailing the separation:
Shahroz said that six months ago today, my wife, Syra, decided to walk away. Because our ideas did not match and it was also deteriorating our home environment. And it did not divorce its just separation. After which it is decided whether we should live together in the future or not.

The actor further said that Syra is my wife and I have respect. And, therefore, I do not want anyone to say anything about it. Even though no one has the right to say anything about Sadaf as it was only a month before me. It was a meeting and those who spread the false news should apologize. Because speaking about someone without credentials is a sin.

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