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Google’s tribute to the queen of Ghazal Iqbal Bano

 Google has paid tribute on the 81st birthday of renowned lyricist and singer Iqbal Bano through a doodle.

Iqbal Banu opened her eyes in New Delhi in 1935, Sarsangit was in the throes of Iqbal Banu. On reaching Sindh, when she started singing from the Delhi center of All India Radio. She did so with the standard accent and payment style of Urdu. Recognized. After her marriage in 1952, she moved to Pakistan with her husband and settled in Multan. But after her husband’s death, she settled in Lahore and spent the rest of her life in this city.

Iqbal Banu made her mark as a playback singer in the new film industry of Pakistan. Her songs and lyrics are still popular in Gumnam, Qatil, Intiqam, Surfrush, Ishq Laila, and Nagan.

After singing many well-known film songs, Iqbal Banu’s heart was catching on to classical music. And then came a time when she had to restrict herself to only and semi-classical concerts, taking a backseat to the singers.

Iqbal Bano

She not only played the words with her full sense but was also well acquainted with the music she composed. That was the reason for her fame as a singer of lyrics and poems. The most important name after Mehdi Hassan in singing Faiz Ahmad is Iqbal Bano. It is necessary that we also see Iqbal Banu became famous and was celebrated at every stage. Ordered, this series continued until a few years before her death.

Iqbal Bano was a special queen in classical, semi-classical, tumri and dada, along with ghazal singing. She was fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and Persian languages. Which is why she gained a prominent position with her specialization in lyrics in different languages.

In recognition of her technical services, Iqbal Banu got the Presidential Award for Best Performance in 1990. Iqbal Bano left the world on April 21, 2009, after a brief illness at the age of 74. She is not in us today, but she is still alive in the hearts of her fans. Because of the unique way she sings.

Google pays tribute to singer Iqbal Banu Kwan on her 81st birthday via doodle.

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