JP Baric Net Worth in 2022

JP Baric is an American bitcoin trader and entrepreneur who has an estimated net worth of $50 million. According to some sources on the internet, JP Baric earns approximately $2 million and $20 million a year. Get more information in the below article.

Quick Facts

Full NameJP Baric
Net worth$50 Million
Date of Birth1999
Age24 Years Old
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight68 Kg
Source of incomeCryptocurrency


JP Baric is a 24-year-old American from Austin, Texas. He was born in 1999. JP Baric is one of the few people who start out rich. His information shows that he made a million dollars when he was just 18 years old.

Using the information we have, it appears that he was a student at North Carolina State University, but he chose to drop out of school in order to pursue his Bitcoin dream.

In 2012, the young millionaire Baric bought Bitcoin when he was still in high school. At the time, BTC cost $70 and Baric spent $1,400 on it according to Daily Mail.

When Baric first bought cryptocurrency, he liked it so much that he spent some of his free time during high school and college playing games that enabled him to trade crypto.

Baric attended North Carolina State University, where he also interned in software development. At the age of 17, Baric decided to drop out of college. Instead, he focused on his Bitcoin mining business where he developed his own mining rigs.

Mining rigs are computer systems built specifically for the purpose of mining operations.

He is addicted to computers and spends most of his nights pretending to study while mining bitcoins. However, this just turned into a hobby for him. Eventually, it turns into a career that becomes his way to becoming a millionaire.

As of today according to many finance blogs that featured him in their articles, he has been listed among the youngest and richest people in the blockchain industry.

We’re here to answer the question that so many people have asked about JP Baric or his net worth. We know that you can never give an accurate estimate of how much someone earns over the internet, but this blog post will be able to show you more of what JP has done with his life.

What is MiningStore?

Baric started MiningStore, a Bitcoin mining company, in 2016 with his friends. He started building mining rigs in his parent’s basement and they supported him. Mining was founded with a $100,000 seed investment.

Baric established the business in his hometown of Austin while also expanding it to Raleigh.

In 2018, MiningStore exceeded $2 million in hardware sales and hosting revenue. In 2019, the company built a new mining location in Iowa. By the end of the year, MiningStore had made $6.6 million in total revenue.

MiningStore was successful in 2022, when they launched their new MMP (Managed Mining Program). This allows customers to host their own mining machines but MiningStore monitors and operates them remotely.

People Also Ask

Who is JP Baric?

JP Baric is an American bitcoin trader and entrepreneur.

How much is ?

is $50 million.

How old is jp baric?

Jp baric is 24 years old.

Who is jp baric?

jp baric is an entrepreneur, CEO of Miningstore.

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