Jeffrey B. Straubel Net Worth (2022)

The net worth of Jeffrey B. Straubel is at least $926 Million. The Chief Technical Officer of Tesla Inc., he oversees all engineering and technical design, including hardware and software development. Jeffrey B. Straubel, Tesla Inc’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder own over 4.145 million shares of Tesla stock worth more than 924 million dollars.

Mr. has been trading Tesla Inc shares since 2011, and he’s made 45 trades according to the Form 4 he filed with the SEC. Most recently, on 19 September 2021, he sold 30,937 units of TSLA stock worth $344,329.

One of the largest trades he has ever made was exercising 131,072 units of Tesla Inc stock on 8 May 2017 worth over $2.11 million. On average, he makes about 11,923 trades every 53 days since 2010. As of 2022, he still owns at least 252,783 units of Tesla Inc stock.

You can see Mr. Straubel’s complete trade history on the page below.

Quick Facts

Date of BirthDecember 20, 1975
Age46 Years
Place of BirthDes Moines
CountryUnited States


Jeffrey B. Straubel, Sr. Advisor at Tesla Inc., is 46. He has been the Sr. Advisor at Tesla Inc since David R. Hill became Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer on December 31, 2018, and is currently in this position.

In this role, he has 10 older and 5 younger executives reporting to him. The oldest executive at Tesla Inc is Lawrence Ellison, 76, who is a member of the company’s board of directors.

Insiders at Tesla Inc.

Insiders at Tesla, Inc. have traded over $26,937,100,524 worth of Tesla, Inc. stock and have bought 3,605,043 shares worth $286,141,810. The most active insider traders include Lawrence Joseph Ellison, Elon Musk, and James R Murdoch.

Tesla Inc’s executives and independent directors trade shares of their company’s stock every 8 days. The average trade is worth $30,432,506, and the most recent trade was executed by Zachary Kirkhorn on October 4th, 2022. He traded 3,750 units of TSLA shares that are currently worth $939,375.

What is Tesla?

Tesla’s vision is to speed up the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Over the past 15 years, Tesla has broken new barriers in developing high-quality electric vehicles. Not only are they the world’s best and most popular electric cars – with long range and absolutely no emissions – but each Tesla vehicle is also the safest car on the planet, as rated by some of the leading automotive regulators.

Tesla also produces a line of cars that are more affordable. There is the Model 3, which is a mid-sized sedan, and there’s the Model X, which has falcon-winged doors. These cars are expected to propel electric vehicles into the mainstream and lead people away from traditional gas guzzlers.

Tesla also offers a full suite of energy products that include solar, storage, and electricity services. Tesla has been working toward this for over 10 years as evidenced by their opening of the Gigafactory and the acquisition of SolarCity.

Tesla is the only fully integrated sustainable energy company in the world. As more and more of the world moves toward sustainable energy, Tesla will be there to meet the demand head-on.

Net Worth

Jeffrey B. Straubel’s net worth is about $926 million as of 2022. Mr. Straubel owns 252,783 shares of Tesla stock worth more than $56.38 million as of October. This estimate doesn’t include any other investments he may have in addition to his Tesla stocks.

Insider Trading History

Quantumscape CorpTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Sept. 19, 2022Director30,937$11.13Sell$344,328.81
Aug. 22, 2022Director30,937$10.83Sell$335,047.71
July 18, 2022Director61,874$10.57Sell$654,008.18
May 16, 2022Director100$12.42Sell$1,242.00
Tesla IncTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
July 29, 2019Insider15,000$230.45Sell$3,456,750.00
June 28, 2019Insider15,000$223.51Sell$3,352,650.00
May 28, 2019Insider15,000$189.89Sell$2,848,350.00
April 26, 2019Insider15,000$239.08Sell$3,586,200.00
March 26, 2019Insider15,000$267.50Sell$4,012,500.00
Feb. 28, 2019Insider15,000$316.95Sell$4,754,250.00
Jan. 28, 2019Insider15,000$293.66Sell$4,404,900.00
Dec. 28, 2018Insider15,000$325.64Sell$4,884,600.00
Dec. 28, 2018Insider15,000$325.64Sell$4,884,600.00
Nov. 22, 2016Insider33,430$190.82Sell$6,379,112.60
July 15, 2015Insider10,000$264.33Sell$2,643,300.00
June 15, 2015Insider10,000$248.94Sell$2,489,400.00
May 15, 2015Insider10,000$247.27Sell$2,472,700.00

Tesla Inc executives and stock owners
Tesla Inc executives and other stock owners filed with the SEC include:

  • Zachary Kirkhorn, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jerome Guillen, President – Automotive
  • Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, Independent Director
  • Lawrence Ellison, Independent Director
  • Andrew Baglino, Senior Vice President of Powertrain and Energy Engineering
  • Robyn Denholm, Independent Chairman of the Board
  • Zachary J. Kirkhorn, Master of Coin & CFO
  • Andrew D. Baglino, Sr. VP of Powertrain & Energy Engineering
  • Ira Ehrenpreis, Independent Director
  • James Murdoch, Independent Director
  • Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer, Director
  • Kimbal Musk, Director
  • Elon R. Musk, Technoking of Tesla, CEO & Director
  • Hiromichi Mizuno, Independent Director
  • Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer
  • Jeffrey B. Straubel, Sr. Advisor
  • Brian Scelfo, Sr. Director of Corp. Devel.
  • Dave Arnold, Sr. Director of Global Communications
  • Alan Prescott, VP of Legal
  • Martin Viecha, Sr. Director for Investor Relations
  • Vaibhav Taneja, Corp. Controller & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Vaibhav Taneja, Chief Accounting Officer
  • John Douglas Field, VP, Engineering, Vehicle R&D
  • Antonio J. Gracias, Director
  • Stephen T Jurvetson, Director
  • Brad W Buss, Director
  • Eric Branderiz, VP, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Deepak Ahuja, Chief Financial Officer
  • Linda Johnson Rice, Director
  • Gregory Reichow, VP of Manufacturing
  • Jon Mc Neill, President, Global Sales & Svc
  • Eric S Whitaker, General Counsel
  • Darmaki H.E. Ahmed Saif Al, Director
  • Herbert Kohler, Director
  • Harald Kroeger, Director
  • Jeffrey B Straubel, Chief Technical Officer
  • Wheeler S Jason, Chief Financial Officer
  • George Blankenship,
  • Gilbert Passin, Vice President, Manufacturing


How old is Mr. Straubel?

Mr. Straubel is 45 years old.

What’s the mailing address of Mr. Straubel?

Jeffrey filed his address with the SEC at C/O QUANTUMSCAPE CORPORATION, 1730 TECHNORD DRIVE, SAN JOSE, CA, 95110.

What is Jeffrey B. Straubel’s net worth?

Jeffrey B. Straubel’s net worth is about $926 million as of 2022. Mr. Straubel owns 252,783 shares of Tesla stock worth more than $56.38 million as of October. This estimate doesn’t include any other investments he may have in addition to his Tesla stocks.

What does Tesla do?

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy–and its efforts are making a difference. Tesla has broken new boundaries in the high-performance automobile market, releasing high-quality cars that are not only electric and environmentally friendly but also safe and affordable.

Do insiders buy or sell shares of Tesla?

The last year has seen insiders at Tesla sell shares 53 times. They’ve sold a total of 4,861,611 shares worth $4,971,030,881.46. The most recent insider transaction occurred on October 4th when CFO Zachary Kirkhorn sold 3,750 shares worth $939,375. This puts their stake in the company at 25.1 %.

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