FV Family Net Worth

FV Family is a famous YouTube channel, part of the FUNnel Fam. The family also owns other big channels like FGTeeV (2.3 billion views), FUNnel Vision, Doh Much Fun (7 million), The SkylanderBoy, and Girl, etc. They have an estimated net worth of $123 million.

This family is made up of a mom and a dad as well as four boys named Michael, Lex, Chase, and Shawn. They post videos that include everyday content like vlogs, challenges, skits, music videos, parties, and anything else worth watching.

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Quick Facts

Fv Family real nameAlexis Ryan Michael Ryan Chase Ryan Shawn Ryan Samantha Ryan (Mother) Vincent Carter (Father)
$40 million
Fv Family BirthdayAlexis Ryan: July 24, 2006, Michael Ryan: November 13, 2008, Chase Ryan: October 1, 2011, Shawn Ryan: November 17, 2015, Samantha Ryan (Mother): June 14, 1979, Vincent Carter (Father): October 29, 1974
BirthplaceThe USA
Fv Family ageAlexis Ryan: 15 Michael Ryan: 13 Chase Ryan: 10 Shawn Ryan: 6 Samantha Ryan (Mother): 42 Vincent Carter (Father): 47
ResidenceCharlotte, North Carolina, United States
OccupationYouTubers, vloggers
Fv Family


The Family Gaming Team, also known as Funnel Vision, has risen to popularity as an American YouTube family. They are well-known for their gaming videos.

Fv Family Relationship

Duddy is married to Vincent Carter’s wife. She’s been known as Skylander Mom or simply as Moomy/Mum/Mummy/ Mom on their YouTube channels. Alexis Ryan, the eldest is better known as Lex, Lexi, or Skylander Girl in her family. Michael is better known as Mike or Skylander Boy in his family. The Fv Family has two youngest sons. Chase is famous as Lightcore Chase, and Baby Shawn.

Early Life & Career

Born to Tom and Jody, who are famous YouTubers, Vincent Carter grew up with two sisters. Following his parent’s success in the industry, Vincent Carter’s siblings have also become YouTubers. The FV FAMILY channel is located in the United States.

Vincent Carter, an American YouTuber, has many family-friendly channels like “FV Family,” “FGTeeV,” and “TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl.” The number one earning YouTuber appears on these channels with his wife Samantha and their four kids: Alexis, Michael, Chase, and Shawn.

He has various popular channels, which include a variety of topics. Videos include gameplays, reviews, challenges, travelogues, and more, which have increased the Family Vlog Net Worth.

The FGTeeV YouTube channel is popular with 10 million subscribers. Vincent’s videos also include adventure, music, and animation. Vincent is one of the coolest dads on YouTube, as he regularly spends time with his children doing fun things.

The FGTeeV Family Wikipedia page is not up to date now, but as of the latest update, FGTeeV Duddy first Joined YouTube in December 2006. A few months after the birth of his daughter Lexi, he created the FUNnel Vision channel. It all started with posting vlogs but later expanded to include, photos and videos of Duddy and his family.

Duddy is a high-earning YouTube host. He started in 2009, and his most popular video is called “If Kids Were In Charge!” It was released in 2011 and it features his daughter Alexis and son Mike. Later he also started to create videos specifically for his older children, Alexis and Mike.

The TheFunnelVision channel has grown to become one of the most popular family vlogging channels on YouTube. In addition, the TheSkylanderBoyAndGirl channel has over 2.3 million subscribers. Duddy later created more channels like FGTeeV and DohMuchFun, which have 685k subscribers, as well as FV Family.

A few months after the creation of FUNnel Vision, FGTeeV Duddy also created family-friendly YouTube channels for his children. The Skylander family’s current primary channel ‘FGTeeV,’ was created in May 2013.

Some of the top games are ‘Minecraft,’ ‘Mario Kart,’ ‘Super Mario Bros,’ ‘Angry Birds,’ ‘Plants vs Zombies,’ ‘Pokemon Go,’ ‘Hello Neighbor,’ and more. has ranked as one of the most popular YouTubers with a high net worth.

In July 2018, Duddy created a new YouTube channel called FV Family. With 117,000 subscribers and over 2 million views, the channel has already surpassed his DohMuchFun Channel. The youngest members of the family appear in its , such as Chase’s corner and Shawn’s Circle.

Duddy is behind the videos on Fv Family. He is the producer, editor, and director of most videos. His wife, Samantha, who often appears in the videos, also collaborates with him. Although the channel is discontinued, it still has a variety of videos for you to watch, including food challenges, vlogs, and scare cam.

This explains why ‘TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl’ posts videos of all sorts, including tips, funny videos, and challenges. As a result, the family has been posting more videos and gaining more attention.

Youtube Details

  • Channel name: FV Family
  • Joined on: 20 Jul 2018
  • Number of subscribers: 9.43M+

Net Worth

The channel has over 9.43 million subscribers and has had over 9 billion views. The channel is able to get an average of 3 million views from different sources, which should give it about $8.8 million a year in revenue from the ads that appear on its videos. As of 2022, the FV FAMILY’s net worth has been estimated at more than $100 million.

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