FNF Chop Net Worth

FNF Chop is a rapper professionally managed by FNF Levy, and represented by Dark Matter Media. Ronetta Kelecia Gaines is the mother of FNF Chop, and raised him and his six siblings in Baltimore, Maryland.

It was reported that the rapper creates his own music and directs his own music videos. One of his released singles has just gained a lot of attention online, skyrocketing his career while he is in jail. Get more information below:

Early Life

The 22-year old rapper, who was born to his mother Ronetta Kelecia and raised by her as a single parent, is also raising six of her other children. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States of America. He does not disclose much information about his family on social media.

His real name is Deonte Gaines. He is better known by his stage name, FNF Chop. His mother moved the family to Richmond, Virginia when he was a teenager. His mother and siblings have always encouraged him to work hard on his rapping.

Personal Life

His ethnicity is American. He has not written anything on his social media platforms about his relationship status. This may be because he prefers to keep his private life to himself and he doesn’t want to share it with people who are interested in him.


FNF Chop became interested in rap music in 2018. In the mid-2010s, he served time in jail for unlawfully possessing a firearm. He met DJ Tootrill at his first paid performance and he has earned a decent living from his music and rap songs since then.

In 2019, he released a about the new coronavirus pandemic called “Walk Down”. After it went viral on , Alamo Records, Republic Records and Warner Records contacted him. In May 2020, he was arrested by the Richmond City Justice Center for violation of his parole.

He tested positive for COVID-19 while in the Richmond City Justice Center, on October 2020. He tested positive for COVID-19 again in January 2021.

His mother attended a video shoot in Richmond, Virginia in March 2021 to shoot the music video for “Walk Down.” While he was in jail, Chop told Fox 8, “It kind of just went viral on its own.” “Labels started calling, Columbia reached out, Alamo Records, Republic Records, Warner Records” he added. “No Exit,” an EP containing six songs, was released in 2021. FNF Chop plans his music in advance. He also insists that his legal troubles are behind him. “I’m not okay with being okay; I’m not comfortable with being comfortable,” says the talented young rapper with a lot of wisdom.

His new EP, ‘No Way Out,’ was released on March 22, his upcoming single ‘Titanic,’ the success of his hit , ‘Walk Down,’ being co-signed by Pharrell and much more.

Net Worth

Deonte Gaines, also known by the rap name FNF Chop has an estimated net worth of $1.8K – $2.4K. He has been able to live a comfortable lifestyle due to his music and rap songs.

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