Brad Mondo: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More.

Brad Mondo (born October 28 (born on the 28th of October, 1994) is an American hairstylist. He is famous for his Youtube channel that has over 6 million users (as as of September 20th 2020). Mondo has worked as a hairstylist for numerous celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Marks and Shay Mitchell. Additionally, he’s a model who has been featured in numerous advertisements and photos.

In this article we bring you details about the net worth of Brad, his relationship details, his biography and a lot more.

Famous for his unique ability to style his hair and unique way of engaging his peers, he’s been named one of the best stylists in the United States. The ability to completely alter the look of an individual is unparalleled. Mondo is also well-known for his stunning fashion and impeccable style. Mondo has appeared in a variety of fashion magazines and brands. Mondo is a popular social media star who became famous due to his hilarious hair-style reactions on YouTube. With time Mondo started showing his hairdressing talents and gained fame for the distinctive hairstyles he created.

Brad Mondo Net worth

*Mondo is believed to have an estimated Net worth that is $3 million (USD). Mondo is an incredibly famous American hair stylist as well as YouTuber.

* He earns income through his work as a hairstylist, YouTuber and hairstylist. In addition, he earns a profit from his online , xmondohair, where he sells hair products.


His father had a salon was also stylist, and was a stylist, would often be in the salon watching how his father cut, haircut and styled hair of his friends.

It was when he started enjoying the process of styling his hair, and awed people with his fashion.

In addition, he was fascinated by the process of creating Youtube videos as the inspiration was immense from creators of content such Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles.

According to Tubefilter that he created his first Youtube videos at the age of 12-years-old. He continued uploading videos until he was 22.

* Later, he took the decision to create an online business from YouTube and began creating daily more content in pursuit of a dream.

The initial Youtube earnings in 2016, and was paid in the sum of $100.. When he received his first money from Youtube his first reaction was “Wow, I made it, I did it.” How do you feel? ?

Furthermore, Brad also made $1000 through an agreement with a brand sponsor. Things were beginning to take shape for Brad.

On the other other side, Brad was also active on which is the platform where he uploaded his pictures. Brad began uploading pictures of his hairstyles onto in 2013.


At first Brad did not have a following in his Instagram and YouTube channel. But, he did have an idea to make a living out of it.

* Fortunately, his hilarious video clips showing hairstyle impressions started to catch an interest from the general public and quickly became popular. The videos were entertaining to watch and his followers was growing slowly.

Then he began uploading video of his skills in hair styling along with hairdressing tutorial videos. Because his style was distinct and elegant, he began getting the recognition he wanted.

A lot of celebrities were fascinated by his exceptional hairdressing talents which allowed him to collaborate with celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Marks, Shay Mitchell, etc.

From September 20th in 2020, he had over 6 million users on his YouTube channel, and over 1.4 million users on his account on his Instagram account.

* Brad is having a great time through his Youtube career as millions of viewers love the videos that he uploads. However, the content Brad created caused controversy.

Is Brad Mondo a real Hairdresser?

  • As per Mondo his bio that he worked in an establishment for ten years. Is Brad Mondo a licensed hairdresser? Yes, he is licensed as hairdresser. Mondo has been granted a license by two states which includes Newyork as well as Massachusetts. New York and Massachusetts.
  • According to his Twitter account, the famous hairdresser Mondo is a licensed hairstylist. He has been working in this industry for over 10 years.

Brad Mondo Height

He is of 5’11 inches, or 1.55 metres tall. He weighs 68 kg which is 149.9 pounds. He has dark blonde hair and dark brown eyes. The zodiac sign for Mondo can be described as Scorpio.


* Mondo is the Creative Director and CEO of “xmondohair...

* Brad is the producer and creator of the 2018 TV show Mondo Makeovers.

His TikTok account , which is dubbed ‘bradmondonyc”, has an estimated 6 million people (as as of October 20, 2020). ).

* Brad and Jeff Wittek each are American stylists who have collaborated with famous individuals.

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