Best Sony Headphones and Earbuds

Sony is one of the most iconic consumer electronics brands that you can find on the market today. It’s a company with a rich history of making amazing products, dating back to 1964 when the tech giant introduced stereo headphones for tape recorders. Ever since then, Sony has only continued to grow and develop its lineup by creating even more amazing things, including some truly groundbreaking .

Today, the range of Sony headphones and earbuds spans from impulse-buy products for less than $10, all the way to top-of-the-line headphones that cost more than a good laptop.

To help you find the best Sony headphones and earbuds for your lifestyle, we gathered all the information about spec numbers and reviews to find out which Sony headphones are worth buying. We also tested some of them ourselves to know what user experience is like.

1. MDR-1AM2 Wired Headphones gif maker 10 1


+ Exceptional audio quality

+ Lightweight and comfortable

+ Rich retail package


– Expensive

Key Features

  • 40-millimeter audio drivers with Hi-Res Audio support
  • Bundled audio cables with a standard and balanced connector
  • Soft storage case

About MDR-1AM2

These are our favorite wired headphones for people who want to stick with their original plan of using a cord, and they’re really worth the $300 price tag. The over-ear cans can provide a rich and detailed sound that wireless offerings simply can’t match. Sony has also made these headphones incredibly lightweight and secure.

If you’re looking for the best sound for the best price, consider Sony MDR-Z7M2 headphones. These are Sony’s most expensive and wired set of earbuds. The MDR-Z1R is more than worth a look at its cheaper price.

2. IER-M7 In-Ear Monitors gif maker 9 1


+ Fantastic sound quality

+ A comfy fit won’t cause fatigue

+ Plenty of bundled accessories


– Pricey

Key Features

  • Four balanced armature drivers per earbud
  • Lightweight magnesium alloy inner housing
  • Bundled audio cables with a standard and a balanced connector

About IER-M7

If you’re looking for a great-sounding set of in-ear headphones, consider the Sony M7. Each earbud packs four balanced armature drivers that pack a powerful punch of sound. Get your favorite tracks in high quality with The Buds. Listen to all that music in a new way thanks to its advanced sound .

The earphones come with different ear tips to provide a snug, comfortable fit. The retail package also includes a cleaning cloth and a handy cable clip. The pricier IER-M9 and IER-Z1R wired earbuds offer better sound quality.

3. MDR-ZX110 Wired Headphones gif maker 8 2


+ Cool design and comfy fit

+ Impulse-buy price

+ Good sound for the money


– Flimsy build

Key Features

  • 30-millimeter audio drivers
  • On-ear fit with cushioned ear pads
  • Tangle-free cable

About MDR-ZX110

The Sony MDR-ZX110 on-ear headphones sound great for the $10 price point. They deliver a powerful and enjoyable audio performance that exceeded my toned-down expectation. But when it comes to finer acoustic details, they are lacking.

These Bluetooth-enabled cans are impossibly lightweight, have swiveling cups for easy storage, and you can order them in black, white, or pink. Additionally, a slightly more expensive version with a built-in microphone is also available.

4. MDR-EX15LP Wired Earbuds’ gif maker 7 1


+ Super affordable

+ Lightweight build

+ Adequate sound for the money


– The built-in microphone adds bulk

Key Features

  • 9-millimeter audio drivers
  • In-ear fit with soft ear tips
  • Tangle-free cable

About MDR-EX15LP

The Sony MDR-EX15LP wired earbuds, with a sub-$10 price tag, will reliably entertain you for cheap, just as long as you don’t expect any feats of sonic excellence. The earphones bring a powerful sound and a lightweight build with a tangle-free cable. They also feature a comfy fit and soft ear tips in tons of colors. You can order the Sony MDR-EX15LP earbuds soon enough!

There is also a version with a built-in microphone. And, if you are looking for earbuds that have better noise isolation, consider the MDRE9LP instead, which delivers a reliable sound.

Final Thoughts

When considering which running headphones to buy, a few specs are key to choosing the best pair. The ability to hear your surroundings, a long battery life, and on-ear controls are three key factors.

Sony earbuds are famed for their long-lasting comfort and design. People can choose the size of their earbuds from different sets to find the perfect fit.

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