Why separate laws for child abusers and separate for Musharraf? Hamza’s question

hamza ali abbasi, pervez musharraf

 Former Actor Hamas Ali Abbasi has expressed gratitude at the special court’s decision to drag former General Pervez Musharraf to D Chowk. And hang his body on the square for three days, saying why different laws for everyone in our country.

The special court yesterday issued a detailed verdict on the death sentence of Pervez Musharraf in the serious treason case. While Declaring that Pervez Musharraf should be sentenced to five times for the five offenses of breaking the constitution. And if he died, his body should be dragged to D Chowk Islamabad. And hang on the square for three days.

While the social media condemn the words used in the special court verdict. Hamza Ali Abbasi also expressed profanity over the words used by the judges for Pervez Musharraf.

Hamza Ali Abbasi shared the excerpt of the Twitter ruling yesterday, writing that:
I take back my words that judges should not be accused of being anti-army or anti-Pakistan. I’m shocked to see the words used in the decision. This is not a rule of law. The words used in the judgment are illegal, immoral and clearly false.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said in another tweet that:
‘ Public hanging & dead body of Musharraf to stay hanged in public for 3 days? Wow… When the nation demanded public hanging of child rapists & murderers we were told there is no Law to do that… So by which law in the constitution has the judge given this sentence to Musharraf? ‘

Hamza Ali Abbasi was also responding to Pervez Musharraf’s death sentence saying that after the decision of Pervez Musharraf’s case, now the PML-N and all those intellectuals came after the decision of Nawaz Sharif.

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