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When the car broke down, the bride took a lift to the church in a police van

Social media users expressed good wishes for the and groom and also praised the police inspector – Photo: Social Media

London: The ’s car suddenly down on a busy highway in Manchester, England, but a police inspector lifted the and her family to church.

The bride and groom had twice before postponed their wedding due to the Corona epidemic, but when they decided to get married for the third time, the bride’s car down.

The bride’s car suddenly broke down on the beach road after traveling five kilometers from home. The bride and her family got out of the car and wondered how they could get to church on time. He was spotted by a North Wales police inspector and approached.

After the police inspector inquired about the cause of the distress, the bride and her family were seated in a police van and taken to the church where the wedding took place.

North Wales Police shared a photo of the police inspector and the bride on the social networking site Twitter and congratulated the bride on her wedding.

On the other hand, social media users also expressed good wishes for the bride and groom and also praised the police inspector.

Talking to media, the bride said that when the car broke down, I was worried that I would have to stand on the highway now, but fortunately I did not have to do so and the police inspector came to my aid.

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