Watch horror movies and earn Rs 200,000!

The purpose of this experiment is to find out which horror movies are really scary for the audience. (Photo: Internet)

Florida: An American company has announced that if a person watches 13 horror movies under his supervision, he will be given 13 1,300 (Pakistani rupees 218,000).

The announcement was made by a media company called Finance Buzz It also provides financial advice to the general public and publishes blogs and articles on its website.

Horror films pay special attention to the sounds and scenes that frighten the audience, but it is not necessary for the viewer to feel fear.

Through this experience, “Finance Buzz” wants to know to what extent low and high budget horror movies scare the audience. That is to say, there is a connection between the cost of a horror film and whether it is “terrible” or not.

One person will be selected for this purpose who will have to watch 13 horror movies after being equipped with a “FitBit” device that monitors the heartbeat.

He will have to watch these movies alone at home while the fluctuations in his heartbeat will be noticed with “Foot Bit”.

Films selected for the experiment include Amity Valley Horror, A Quiet Place (Parts 1 and 2), Candy Man, Inside, The Blair Witch Project, Sunster, Get Out, The Purge, Paranormal Activity and Halloween (2018, Remake).

The selected person will be given a gift card worth 13 1300 in addition to 13 50 so that he can pay to watch these movies (from the streaming service).

Anyone living in the United States can apply for this unique experience, but such a person will be selected by the management of “Finance Buzz”.

Registration has started on the company’s website which will continue till September 26, 2021. The selected person will be announced on October 1, and will be sent a “fit bit” by October 4.

The selected person will then have to watch all these horror movies (wearing Fitbit) from October 9 to 18.

According to Finance Buzz, this year’s Halloween festival seeks to inform its customers about horror movies that are truly terrifying, no matter how low or high their budget.

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