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Video of a British minister dancing to the tune of ‘divorce’ at a bar goes viral

Michael Goff is a special envoy of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Photo: File

Scotland: A video of Michael Goff, a trusted aide to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and a cabinet member, in a nightclub has gone viral.

According to the World Agency, British politician Michael Goff has approached the court to his wife and the two will separate next month, but before that Michael Gove used to dance in a happy mood in a night club. Has been seen.

This is a scene from a nightclub in Bohemia, Scotland, where the minister entered without paying an entry fee and then shook his head and danced to the music. During this time, he continued to take pictures with the present urban minister.

Interesting comments on the video are also being made on social media. Some said it was a celebration of independence, while others objected, saying that the “hands-on” salaried minister was stingy by not paying the meager فیس 7 entry fee.

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