Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Review

turtle beach stealth 600 wireless

Turtle Beach has created a wireless gaming headset called the “Stealth 600 Gen 2.” It is compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The sound quality of the Stealth 600 is good and its light design makes it comfortable. Its mic can also be improved. It is a reliable way to enjoy wireless audio and voice chat with your console at a budget price.


  • + Easy to set up
  • + Strong, well-balanced sound
  • + Lightweight body


  • – Slightly stiff padding
  • – Mediocre mic
  • – Relatively weak bass


Both Stealth 600 headsets are analog-audio gaming devices for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They’re all black or white with different branding. Both of these headphones are made of matte plastic. They have a flip-down microphone in the earcups and come with hard plastic boom mics for people who need that extra protection.

The headset’s USB-C port provides power, connecting to the jack device, and audio. The microphone monitoring and volume wheels are separate from the connected device’s volume settings.

The Xbox One version has an additional pairing button next to the USB-C port, which allows for a bit more freedom. The ear cups on the Xfire headset feature fabric-covered foam pads that don’t have the same softness as the memory foam padding we’ve seen on most other headsets.

It’s a faux leather-wrapped headband with padding that feels a bit stiff around the ears. However, the headset is very light and should make for comfortable gaming sessions.


The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the headset both work with their respective consoles. The PS4 version comes with a small USB transmitter, which plugs into the system’s front.

You don’t need to worry about pairing the wireless headphones with the transmitter, as it is already done for you. This device also works on a computer, so you can plug it in and start playing your game. It needs a free USB port, though.

The Xbox One headset connects wirelessly to the console. This means you can use it without a USB adapter and plugging into your Xbox – the only thing you need is that all-important pairing button on the headset.

The headset will only work with consoles using the Xbox Wireless Adapter. It doesn’t use Bluetooth, so you need to get an adapter for your PC one (which also lets you use Xbox Wireless Controllers including the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 without any lag).


The microphone offers its best performance in voice chat, but it does not offer the kind of clarity needed for recording or streaming. The mic is built on a stiff boom arm with limited movement and so many of the issues that arise from this are related to positioning.

Razer headset microphones sound better than the microphone in this test recording. To stream your games or use voice chat, it’s best to consider a dedicated USB microphone.


The Stealth 600 has a good sound audio quality that balances the need for clarity and bass. It can adjust its sound for a wide range of users and music genres. The headset smoothed out the sound and eliminated any distortion during the entire test.

At the beginning of the song, there is a plucking of an acoustic guitar with high and low frequencies. When the electric bass kicks in, it sounds a bit more poppy than punchy, sitting a bit in the back of the busy mix with the other instruments coming through crisp and clear.

The Crystal Method’s “Born Too Slow” sounds great for the Stealth 600, with the melodies and vocals feeling lively. The driving backbeat has a good low-end to it but doesn’t feel as oppressive for the style of the track overall.

From the makers of Doom, sounds full but it doesn’t deliver deep bass like a jackhammer. The sounds of combat can be clearly heard through both the stereo panning and the simulated surround sound effects of a game.

Fortnite sounds amazing when played with good gaming headsets. Every sound, from footsteps to thunder to distant gunshots can be clearly discerned. I needed to be aware of the possibility of being snuck up on, so I kept one ear out. Alas, it didn’t keep me from being shot from afar in my game test.

High-quality wireless music

There are many other compelling options for gamers both with a strong budget and without. They have better microphones and better sound, which is the same price as the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2.

If you are going to purchase a wired headset, it’s best that you get the Astro Gaming A10 or the Razer Blackshark V2 X (the USB sound-card version of the excellent Razer Blackshark V2), as they both come with their own cables.

The Stealth 600 Wireless Gaming Headset is simple to set up, easy on the ears and is a great value for what you get.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a wireless headset for Xbox consoles, you should try the Turtle Beach Stealth 600. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and people will love it.

An affordable wireless headset that doesn’t make any compromises, the Stealth 600 is a great option next to the best headsets available. It has speakers with an amazing reduced bass and treble range, and multiple audio profiles and its “hearing” mode does a good job of compressing sound. However, this still has a lot to offer despite the lack of a 3.5mm jack connection.

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