This Year’s Oscar Unicorn: “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

at once” became this year’s oscar unicorn

t Director, and Best Actress at the Academy Awards. Depending on what parallel universe we find ourselves in, various films are poised for success at the Academy Awards. In an alternate world, Steven Spielberg’s “The Fabelmans” is expected to win both Best Picture and Best Director – a triumphant return since his last double win with “Schindler’s List.” Another possibility is that “Top Gun: Maverick,” which was credited with reviving moviegoing after lockdowns, may add an Oscar to its already impressive box office performance. Meanwhile, in another reality entirely different from our own, “The Woman King” could potentially mark a major milestone for Black female representation in Hollywood by winning three awards including Best Picture and Best Actress.

ly strengthened its position as the top contender for the Best Picture award in our reality. The Oscars ceremony is a multiverse tale, with numerous options for winners dwindling as time passes. It’s possible that “Everything Everywhere” may not clinch all eleven nominations and be unsuccessful but it seems unlikely. This movie recently won four major accolades from prominent guilds whose members also belong to significant Academy branches; hence, it has consolidated its chances of winning big at the Oscars.

rd-hitting star power or critical acclaim of its fellow contenders. Despite this, the success of “Everything Everywhere” is an unlikely triumph considering its humble beginnings at South by Southwest and slow start at the box office. By June, it had surpassed all previous records for A24’s highest-grossing movie ever. However, other highly anticipated films soon emerged on the scene with their own awards buzz, such as “Tár,” “The Whale,” banshees, Fabelmans and Black Panther. Although lacking in prominent stars or extensive critical praise, “Everything Everywhere” managed to rise above it all.

ability to emotionally connect with viewers. As a result, “Everything Everywhere” not only survived but thrived. Perhaps the reason for this success is simple – people love the film. A prominent Academy member and experienced awards strategist shared their admiration for the movie, which they had adored since its release. They were drawn to the story of a woman navigating her life and noted that it offered a more uplifting conclusion than many other contenders. In recent years, it appears that films that leave audiences feeling happy have fared well at the Oscars, and “Everything Everywhere” delivers both epic action scenes and emotional depth with ease.

As Oscar enthusiasts are well aware, various external circumstances contribute to a film receiving an award. To secure the Best Picture accolade, it must capture the essence of Hollywood at that moment. A scriptwriter suggested that this year’s movies lacked scope as ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ was a new version that no one watched and ‘The Fabelmans’ passed unnoticed for some reason. Thus, this movie appears fresh, modern and different without anyone having a firm grasp on its true subject matter. Nonetheless, it may resonate with more profound doubts troubling the industry. Reviewing the ten nominees for Best Picture reveals a divided Hollywood:

innovative choice for the Academy.Perhaps some of the older Academy voters have not been able to connect with the Marvel-inspired aspects that are popular among younger fans. If there is a surprise win, it could come from “All Quiet on the Western Front,” a German anti-war film available on Netflix that has won awards and feels relevant amidst ongoing violence in Ukraine. The Academy has become more globally diverse and recognized “All Quiet” with nine nominations, which signals a shift away from solely honoring international films. However, it is improbable that “Everything Everywhere” will be overtaken by any other film as it represents a progressive selection for the Academy.

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