This rare bird forgot its song and now its survival is in danger

Australia: Birds attract birds like themselves and especially females to mate with their chirping or a specific song. But Australia’s rarest bird has forgotten its song, and its numbers are dwindling.

Research has shown that birds can cause many problems if they forget their original song or change it. Now the same thing has happened with Regent Honey Eater, which is on the verge of extinction, whereas a few years ago it was seen in thousands.

According to a conservative estimate, there are now only 300 such birds in southeastern Australia as it forgets its chirping and imitates other birds. Although birds such as the frybird and the cockroach imitate others, it has not yet been fully understood.

Research has shown that digging up “sound properties” for a bird can mean the absence of a mate, as many birds attract females with their chirping during the breeding season and thus continue to survive.

The number of narcissists is very low and they are not able to call the females by forgetting their chirping. This was revealed by Dr Ross Cretes, a naturalist and biologist at the Australian National University.

These helpless birds are not getting a chance to know how to call. When the eggs hatch from Regent Honey Eaters, the male is silent so that other birds are not attracted to the nest. In this way, children are able to remember the specific song of calling and matching the substance very late.

It was revealed that the bird was forgetting its specific song. Now the original song is being played on the speaker since childhood to remind them of the forgotten call. Experts hope that in this way the male birds will learn the real call and when they are released into the wild, they will be able to attract females. However, time will tell.

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