The world’s fastest roller coaster shuts down after four people break bones

The picture shows the world’s fastest roller coaster with fractures to the neck and back bones of at least four people. Photo: Getty Images

Tokyo: In Japan, the world’s fastest and fastest accelerator roller coaster has been shut down after spectator fractures.

The Do Donpa rollercoaster is located at the foot of Japan’s beautiful Mount Fiji, which is often referred to as the speed of death. Due to its high speed, people have suffered fractures due to tremors. It travels from zero to 180 km in just one and a half seconds and that is why people’s backs and necks are shaken.

It is the only roller coaster in the world with the largest loop. However, most injuries were reported between December 2020 and August 2021, but in some cases the number is six. However, many sources believe that the incidence of broken bones or fractures may be higher.

Rollercoaster is located in the Fuji area. Although the number of injuries or accidents in amusement parks around the world, including Japan, is very low, the Japanese roller coaster is being investigated in every aspect after the accident. It should be noted that the Dodonpa roller coaster was released in 2001 and its speed was further increased in 2017, but no public complaint was received at that time.

When asked about the issue, Navajo Miasato, a professor of architecture, said that its terrifying speed was the cause of bone fractures in humans because its effect was more than three times the weight of gravity that astronauts carry. It was time to go into space, which they could only afford thanks to their special suit.

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