The woman punched the lion and saved her baby

An American woman punched and rescued her five-year-old child from the clutches of a mountain lion. The lion in the picture is not the one involved in the attack. Photo: File

California: A mother rescues her five-year-old child from the clutches of a mountain lion with her bare hands as the beast tries to drag her.

Although the child’s condition is now out of danger, he has received injuries and scratches. However, the California Wildlife Department said in a statement that the child was attacked by a 65-pound lion, who was rescued by his mother by punching her five-year-old son.

The lion’s barking has caused scratches on the baby’s head, neck and upper torso. When the mother heard her baby screaming, she immediately rushed there and freed the baby from the clutches of the lion. The incident took place in Calabasas. The wildlife department has declared the baby’s mother a hero who started killing the lion without thinking.

When wildlife officials inspected the scene, they encountered the same ‘angry and aggressive’ lion that had roared the baby. Officers shot and killed him. When it was analyzed in the laboratory, the attacking animal was found and confirmed.

“Whenever you encounter a mountain lion, don’t turn your back or run, but try to show yourself big and strong. If it doesn’t, throw something at it so that it Run away

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