The ultimate list of top Google searches in Pakistan 2019

top google searches

Google, the world’s largest search engine on the Internet, has released a list of the most searched things, personalities, films and plays in Pakistan this year.

Google ranks the most searched topics by looking at the traffic coming in and divides those topics into three categories. Just like last year, this year Pakistan has been searching for artists and sports personalities and events on Google.

The most searched people on Google

Naimal Khawar

naimal khawar
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According to a list released in Google Trends, the personality that Pakistanis searched the most for Google this year was Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wife and former actress Naimal Khawar.

Waheed Murad

waheed murad
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Secondly, Pakistani legendary actor Waheed Murad continued to search.

Babar Azam

babar azam
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The third person Pakistanis most searched for on Google is Pakistani player Babar Azam.

Asif Ali

asif ali

Fourthly, cricketer, Asif Ali was most searched on Google in Pakistan.

Adnan Sami Khan

adnan sami khan
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Surprisingly, the fifth most-searched person in Pakistan is former Pakistani and current Indian singer Adnan Sami Khan.

Sara Ali Khan

sara ali khan
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Indian actor Saif Ali Khan’s daughter and actress Sara Ali Khan was the sixth most searched by Pakistanis.

Muhammad Amir

muhammad amir
PC: Instagram

Cricketer Mohammad Amir is ranked seventh in the most searched personality on Google in Pakistan. Yes, Pakistanis made the highest search for Mohammad Amir at seventh.

Alizeh Shah

alizeh shah
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Before the drama serial “Ehd e Wafa”, no one even knows the name of Alizah Shah, but after acting in the play, Alizah Shah became the eighth person to be searched on Google in Pakistan.



The Indian man, who was searching for the ninth rank, was still an Indian pilot who was arrested during airspace violations. Later, Nandan also dominated social media, praising Pakistani tea.

Madiha Naqvi

madiha naqvi

Tenth-ranked Pakistanis search for Madiha Naqvi, wife of MQM member Faisal Sabzwari and Morning Show host.

Films and plays searched in Pakistan this year

Avengers endgame

avengers end game

The film that the Pakistanis searched the most this year on Google was the Hollywood super hit science-fiction movie ‘Avengers Endgame’.

Bigg Boss 13

bigg boss 13

The second-largest Pakistani Bigg Boss Season 13 was the most searched on Google.

Ehd e Wafa

ehd e wafa

Thirdly, ISPR-co-produced drama ‘Ehd e Wafa’ was the most searched in Pakistan.

Suno Chanda 2

suno chanda season 2

Successful drama by singer and actor Farhan Saeed and Ikra Aziz ” Snow Chanda Season 2 ” was the fourth most searched.

Kabir Singh

kabir singh

The fifth highest-grossing film by Pakistanis was the Bollywood film “Kabir Singh” in which the actors Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani played the lead roles. The film was a super hit at the Indian box office.

Captain Marvel

captain marvel

Number six Pakistanis search Hollywood superhero movie ‘Captain Marvel’ the most.

Mere Paas tum ho

mere paas tum ho

The seventh drama serial “Mere pass tum ho” has been the focus of the crowd. Not only on Google but also on social media, the drama is trending because of its unique story, dialogues and great acting.


motu patlu 2019

Number eight Pakistanis searched for cartoon “Motu Patlu2019” on Google, not any drama or movie.

Bharosa Pyaar Tera

Bharosa Pyaar Tera

The ninth Pakistani drama serial “Bharosa Pyaar Tera” continued to be searched.

Gully Boy

gully boy

Ranveer Singh and Aaliyah Bhat’s film “Gully Boy” was the most searched number in Pakistan.

Most searched items in Pakistan this year

  1. Firstly, Pakistanis searched for the most Pakistan and South African match on Google this year.
  2. Secondly, Pakistanis searched for a match between Pakistan and Australia.
  3. Thirdly, cricket was also searched in Pakistan. This year, people searched live on Google search engine for the third most recent year.
  4. Sony Live takes the fourth position in the top google search.
  5. Cricket is the fifth-highest number. The Pakistanis searched the schedule of PSL4 as the fifth most searched on Google.
  6. Sixth, Cricket World Cup.
  7. Pakistan and New Zealand’s search took the position of number seven.
  8. The eighth number was PT Sports Search.
  9. In the ninth position, Pakistan and India match the highest number of Pakistanis on the Google search engine.
  10. In 10th position was the search of Pakistan Sri Lanka match.

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