The ‘royal life’ of two pigeons costs Rs 900,000 annually

Maggie spends چار 4,000 a year on one or two pigeons. Photo: MetroNews

London: A British woman has adopted two pigeons on which she spends nine lakh rupees (4000) British pounds annually. These pigeons are fed nutritious expensive food. There is a separate room and a pamper wardrobe. There are soft beds for both of them and a children’s car has also been purchased for the walk.

Macy’s owner, Macy, spends a lot of money on birds called moss and sky, and a special baby stroller has been developed to take them for walks. Maggie, 23, found the two pigeons near her home, which she brought with her.

To save their lives, they were fed with tubes and hands and both birds were taken care of for several days. Now these birds have become friends with Maggie and love her very much. But now these two birds are living a luxurious life. Their birthdays are celebrated and pigeons receive lots of gifts.

Wild pigeons are also called flying mice all over the world because they are harmful to small birds and keep increasing their numbers. However, Maggie believes that these birds are as lovely as any other animal and should be loved.

Maggie has created separate rooms for the two birds with their clothes, toys, pampered costumes and other amenities. More than two dozen clothes are made for each bird, each costing between 40 40 and 50 50.

In the evening they fly for a while and return to Maggie after a refreshing meal. In the evening, they are also taken out for a walk, for which a special vehicle with lavish curtains has been made. In addition to the birds’ birthdays, Maggie’s Day is celebrated as a birthday party.

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