The most popular tick-tock actor who doesn’t say a word

Lemons are becoming increasingly popular on tick talkers, and there are other big male tick talkers who are among the most popular. Photo: CNN

Paris: Khabibi Lime, who lost his job due to the corona virus, did not believe that he would become famous all over the world when he started making videos on Tik Tak. He now has more than 110 million fans on Tik Tak and his videos have been viewed 2.5 billion times.

The Khabana Lime is the second most popular tick-tocker, living with his parents and children in Chiavaso, Italy. First he started making comedy videos, then after regular deliberation he made videos on the solutions to everyday problems of life which are becoming very popular but in his video he does not say a single word and still conveys his message.

This style of 21-year-old Khabana is loved all over the world. According to Lima, his message can be easily understood by people around the world by remaining silent. That’s why they keep quiet and make their own videos.

Khabana is tall and her full lips help to bring facial expressions. They do their daily work in a different but simple way that makes them laugh. That is why they have made a name for themselves in Tik Tak.

According to viewers, the style of khabana is universal and the whole world understands it because it is closer to reality. This is the message they give to people not to make life too complicated. The other important aspect is that they don’t make videos by force, but they make their own videos when needed.

Khabana gained extraordinary popularity during the lockdown and is now one of the most beloved and successful tick talkers. Now, his followers are increasing by an average of 200,000 a day and he is rapidly surpassing the tick-tock superstars.

Khabana was born in Senegal and now lives in Italy. He has now been offered a role in several films.

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