The fugitive turned himself in to police for 30 consecutive years

The picture shows the prison from which Darko escaped, while the small picture on the right shows Darko at the time of his escape. Photo: BBC

London: A prisoner who escaped from prison has turned himself in to police this week after 30 years in a row.

The incident took place on Wednesday, July 31, 1992, when the prison was broken into with a saw and a cutter. The New South Wales Police (NSW) Force in Australia said in a statement. Police also said that every effort was made to find the fugitive but to no avail.

Darko Desk was 35 years old at the time of the escape and is now 64 years old. Now not only has the old crime been re-imposed on him, but now a case of escape from jail has also been registered. His bail application has now been rejected and Darko will now appear in court again on September 28.

Darko said he was in danger of deportation and was being sent to Yugoslavia in 1992, where heavy fighting and civil war were raging. He escaped from prison out of fear. After fleeing, he changed his name and continued to support himself by doing various jobs. He spent a lot of time in the sandy areas of the coast. But people are now sympathetic to his behavior and a crowdfunding page has been set up to help him.

The Internet campaign has so far raised ہزار 6,000.

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