The Dutch began to shrink … but why?

Dutch boys born in 2001 are 1 cm taller than those born in 1980 and girls are 1.4 cm shorter. (Photo: Internet)

Amsterdam Dam: The Dutch nation Kashmar is one of the tallest nations in the world, but the consumption of poor and unhealthy foods has begun to reduce their average height.

According to a report published in the British newspaper Guardian, the National Statistics Office of the Netherlands has confirmed that the height of the world’s tallest nation is decreasing year by year.

According to statistics, in 2020, the average height of 19-year-old Dutch youth was 6 feet (182.9 cm) and the height of women was 5 feet 6 inches. According to the government’s statistics agency, the Netherlands has maintained its position in the field since 1958, but a survey of 720,000 people between the ages of 19 and 60 found that boys born in 2001 Is 1 cm taller than the generation born in 1980 and the girls are 1.4 cm shorter.

Further research has also revealed that the decline in average height is not only due to people coming to the Netherlands from other countries, because previously the birth rate of foreigners coming to the country was linked to the average reduction in height. Used to But even among the locals in the Netherlands, development has come to a standstill compared to their ancestors. The height of men is not increasing while the height of women is declining.

Dr. Garrett Stilp, head of the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Groningen, told the Guardian that there is a lot of talk about the Dutch nation’s declining average height, but I think the economic crisis of 2007 I have played an important role in height issues. Due to economic hardship, children born into poor families have not been able to eat properly or inequality has increased, which has resulted in a reduction in average height.

He added that a similar trend has been observed in the United States, the main reason for which is the increasing use of junk foods, people’s diets have changed. Last year, important nutrients were not given importance for growth. The reason for the decrease in the height of Americans is also because of high calories and unhealthy diet. While people’s avoidance of animal products (milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese and meat) is also causing a decrease in height.

According to the report, until a century ago, the world’s tallest people belonged to Northern Europe and North America. The middle of the twentieth century saw a rapid increase in the average height of the Dutch nation. The average height of a Dutch boy born in 1930 was 5 feet 9 inches and that of a boy born in 1980 was 6 feet. Which shows that in 50 years, the average height of Dutch men has increased by 8.3 cm.

Similarly, the average height of Dutch girls born in 1930 was 5 feet 5 inches, while the average height of girls born in 1980 was 5 feet 7 inches, an average increase of 5.3 cm in 50 years. Happened

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