The birth of twin elephants in Sri Lanka 80 years later

Sri Lanka has given birth to twin elephants 80 years later, much to the delight of the people. Photo: AFP

Colombo: Although the birth of twin elephants is a rare event, on August 31, an elephant in Sri Lanka gave birth to two cubs who are now fully healthy.

Surangi, 25, gave birth to two children a few hours apart on August 31 at the Government Elephant Orphanage in Pinawala. Within hours of opening their eyes to the world, children stood on their own two feet, and their videos went viral.

It should be noted that this elephant center has been established for a long time and it was established in 1975 in Pinawala. The birth of twin elephants is a rare occurrence in Sri Lanka, according to wildlife officials. According to him, after 80 years, the elephant has given birth to twins. However, both babies are male elephants.

The two children came into the world five hours apart. Their father’s name is Pandu who is an orphaned elephant. According to experts, the last time twin elephants were born in the country was in 1941. There are currently 7,500 elephants in Sri Lanka.

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