Some people may hear the sound of the mysterious ‘Northern Lights’!

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world say they hear regular sounds from Aurora or Northern Lights. Photo: File

Norway: In the Arctic and Norwegian countries, bright green and reddish lights travel like a wave at night. However, some people claim that they can hear the sound of lights that sound like loud, broken objects or thunder.

When sunlight particles meet molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere, colorful light is emitted, especially at terrestrial poles. This is because the terrestrial magnetic field is very strong here and that is why the lights are created. However, scientists have denied claims of hearing the sounds of these lights.

But in 2016, Finnish scientists said in a bizarre study that polar lights produce sound waves that the human ear can hear. A scientist involved in the research tried to record the sound emitted from the light which was emanating from a height of 70 meters from the floor.

It should be noted that historically many people have claimed to have heard Aurora’s rustle or voice and this historical record has its own significance. These debates were common in the early decades of the twentieth century when many people saw lights in the sky and claimed to hear the sounds associated with it.

People claim that when these lights are spread, they hear a hiss or a male voice. A local newspaper in the 1930s said that when they saw these lights, they heard the rustling of silk or the sound of something falling.

The same evidence has now been received from northern Canada and Norway. But experts insist that the aurora and celestial lights are formed at such a height that space begins to form and from there it is impossible for sound to reach the earth. MPs have called his voice a delusion or an emotional deception.

But two important twentieth-century scientists have also claimed to have heard Aurora’s voice. Some have called it the sound of a light whistle, while others have said that it is as if someone is spraying or burning dry grass.

In 1923, the famous Canadian astronomer Clarence Chant said that the Northern Lights create an earthquake in the Earth’s magnetic field. This way the magnetic fluctuations make a squeaking or squeaking sound.

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