Sculptor making art from used cardboard

In addition to satisfying her passion, Monami Owen has created a number of ‘ordered’ works of art for a hefty fee. (Photos: Reuters / Miscellaneous websites)

Tokyo: Monami Ohno, a 29-year-old Japanese woman, holds a unique position in the field of sculpture as she creates works of art from used cardboard instead of clay and stone.

Ten years ago today, Ohno did this as his college assignment and made a model of a motorcycle out of cardboard.

People liked this model very much and seeing this popularity, they took up the work of making cardboard sculptures as a regular profession.

So far, in addition to decorating her home, she has made “ordering” works of art from cardboard for dozens of other individuals and organizations, for which she paid between one million yen (1.5 million Pakistani rupees) and 1.5 million yen (2.3 million Pakistani rupees). Rs.

According to Ohno, compensation depends on the complexity and fineness of the artwork.

So far, many art galleries in Japan have exhibited his works of art made of cardboard and which have been very successful.

She now has a regular workshop where she does her job with full concentration while she also has a media manager whose job is to liaise with the media.

Ohno’s most famous works of art include the Batman cardboard, the Godzilla, the back-to-the-future car model, and the many cannon tanks.

Before making any work of art, they make a sketch by twisting pieces of cardboard and then carefully cutting them, joining them together with the help of glue and a small amount of water.

In this way, after many hours, and sometimes several days of hard work, she finalizes her artwork.

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