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Alpine wants to increase its annual sales tenfold by 2025
This story contains independent speculative renders that are neither related to nor endorsed by Alpine.
Renault Group chief executive Laurent Rossi has ambitious plans for the Alpine brand and is particularly eager to grow in the U.S.
While recently speaking with journalists, Rossi revealed that Alpine is working on an electric crossover and a second, larger electric model that it plans to begin selling in 2027 and 2028. The U.S. will be the main markets for the two models.
Alpine has more big plans for an expanded range. First will be a performance-focused variant of the Renault 5 EV. Next will be sporty compact crossover, currently known as the ‘GT’ and expected to be underpinned by the Renault-Nissan CMF-EV platform. It will have a keen focus on performance and feature torque vectoring, powerful electric motors, and different battery chemistry than other EVs from the Renault Group. An electric successor to the A110 is also in the works.
Then there are the two larger crossovers to be sold in the U.S. Rossi says they will be similar in size to the Porsche Macan and Cayenne. Further details about them are not known but they could source parts from Nissan and Infiniti. Alpine is even pondering the possibility of tapping Geely on the shoulder to use its underpinnings. Both models will play an important role in Alpine’s ambition to boost annual sales tenfold by 2025 to around 35,000 units.
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“We want to go to the U.S., which will create the bulk of the extra volume above and beyond the hot hatch and sporty car we are launching in 2025, and the successor to the A110,” Rossi revealed to Auto News.
Before any of this happens, however, Alpine will extend the lifespan of the current A110. Rossi says that the A110 could remain in its current form until the end of 2026, noting that sales jumped 33 per cent in 2022 to 3,456 units.
“We’re in year five of the project, normally you see a decline, but we’re increasing sales,” Rossi said. “We will extend the life of the current one as long as possible to amortize the investment and ride on its success as long as we can.”


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