Princess of Japan rejects royal position to marry college friend

The princess and her friend announced their engagement in 2017, photo: AFP

Tokyo: Princess Mako of Japan will marry her classmate Kai Komuro on October 26, for which she turned down the royal position and a large sum of money.

According to the World News Agency, Princess Mako, the 29-year-old niece of Emperor Naruhito of Japan, fell in love with her college classmate Comoro and the two announced their engagement in 2017, after which Comoro moved to New York to study law. Were

The two faced intense pressure and criticism during this time, but now Komoro has returned to Japan after completing his education and the two have decided to unite on October 26. The couple will formally announce their marriage at a press conference on October 22 after Comoros’ quarantine day is over.

The couple announced their engagement at a press conference in 2017 in which their successful smiles won everyone’s hearts, but then a financial dispute arose between the princess’s mother-in-law and the royal family. Was very embarrassed.

The couple’s public support for the princess’s mother-in-law’s financial scandal had also declined, but the couple could not bridge the gap, but the marriage was definitely delayed.

Princess Mako’s bold decision to marry in a traditional and royally restricted family was not well received. The princess has to leave the royal office for this marriage.

In addition to relinquishing royal positions and honors, Princess Mako has also turned down a hefty 15 million yen in wedding rewards from the royal family. She will start her life in New York.

The couple has decided to keep the wedding ceremony very simple and few people will attend the ceremony so no banquet or other rituals will be performed.

The foreign news agency quoted the royal doctors as claiming that the princess had recently been diagnosed with mental stress and was in trauma, after which the royal family agreed to the marriage, but the princess is no longer part of the royal family. Will remain

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