Parents and teachers themselves upset over ‘teachers’ rude challenge’

The challenge of tutoring teachers is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Photo: File

Wisconsin: In many countries, including the United States, teacher rudeness is being promoted on tick tock and unfortunately it has been dubbed the ‘Sleep a Teacher’ challenge.

In this regard, the South Carolina school administration has warned parents to somehow try to prevent their children from this viral race in which the children approach the teacher in a seemingly harmless manner and then suddenly fall on his back. They run away after receiving a receipt on the back of the head.

In a letter to parents, the district education administration said that for the past one month, children have been slapping staff members or teachers on the back and running away and such incidents have taken place in many schools. Similarly, the trend of stealing goods in American schools continues.

“If any teacher or staff member raises his hand, legal action will be taken against him. Considering it an attack (on the teacher), the child will be expelled from school, ‘the letter warned.

On the other hand, many children in the Lancaster area of ​​the United States have also been punished for it.

Nevertheless, the challenge of slapping a teacher is gaining popularity across the United States, and in many states and cities, the Department of Education, schools, and teachers have held joint meetings to discourage this trend.

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