New Yorkers are asking if the Avengers are in the triangular ‘marvel’ house

img 4252

An architectural marvel in Buffalo, NY, describes. The listing states that the 2,000-square-foot home has been put up for sale by its owner and is close to downtown Buffalo and Niagara Falls. It has an additional studio/garage space in the back, along with a terrace in the backyard. It is situated near a small park and includes a vacuum elevator between floors for easy access.

People are a tad perplexed by its appealing exterior and vacuum elevator inside, which started quite a stir on Zillow Gone Wild, a Facebook page and Twitter account that highlights quirky houses for sale. “That’s acute house!” said one.

“Buffalo snowstorm roof load: 6+ feet of snow, 120+ lbs per square foot. Engineering of this house: ‘hold my beer.’”

It feels like an Avengers satellite location, someone commented. “Very cool triangular house, but I can only live in hexagonal houses,” another said. “I actually dig this,” another said. “I need this kind of architecture in my life,” someone tweeted.

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